Alma com Alma

We are a group of souls dedicated to the international regenerative movement and permanent improvement of the natural environment and human cooperation.

Alma com Alma is an Association of people that have the call to live a life that gives more than what it takes. People that gather to understand how to live a more balanced life, eventually off-grid, in close contact with Nature, for Nature and from Nature. Alma com Alma is anchored to an ecological retreat farm in Aljezur that hosts those seeking for a close encounter with the elements of Nature.

Based on a 45 hectare land, Alma com Alma is a laboratory of Agroecology and Human rooting. We investigate, experiment and build knowledge that eventually inspire and reeducate our associates for a regenerative life for a thriving Nature.


We have a vision of a Planet that holds a balanced coexistence between all beings. An existence in which humans are living in harmony with the natural elements and connected to their natural source of happiness. A connection that is based on love, understanding, abundance and simplicity.


We understand that the relation between Humans and Nature is profoundly unbalanced but there are ways out. 

From this insight, our mission is to develop and share knowledge that will inspire and enable people to have a regenerative, prosperous and meaningful life, that will bring back the individual and collective balance. 

We believe this route is based on the understanding of the wholeness and of the collective-individual and spiritual-material relations, in which personal self-consciousness, ancestral knowledge and community agro-ecological practices are well integrated.

We want to achieve our objectives by holding a space that is in permanent change, integrating diversity and generating the reality we want to live in, a place that holds the good example and inspires people.


Inspired in our Permaculture practice, our values resonate and so:

We care for the Planet
We care for the People
We want to share knowledge

If you vibrate in this words and call, and want to contribute to an enrich experience, participate in our daily routines, than we might be a good match in this sacred geometry.

We live in a farm that has wild forest, agricultural land and a community of people focused on living closer to their natural source. We are reeducating ourselves to live a regenerative life. Everyday we learn something new out of our process of experimentation to make everything more simple. In this process, we have several areas of teaching & learning on the job, in which our members can participate. People should be expected to be treated with care, everyone has the potential to become Family. Forestry, Food gardening and animal care. We are located in a 45 hectare land with all five zones of a Permaculture Farm. We have food gardens to be nurtured, wild and productive forests to be managed under the permaculture guidelines and several farm animals to be cared for. Community living We are a permanent group of at least 10 people working and helping on the Association activities. Cooking, cleaning and general community living is a central experience for those that want to come for a longer period of time that involves staying at least one month. Everyone that comes to participate in the Association has the amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world, enjoy the natural landscape of the farm and explore the world-class coast and beaches of Southwest Portugal. Courses and Retreats. We hold several courses and retreats, organised by ourselves or in partnership. Affiliates can help out in the organisation and management of these events or they can propose to create one for the association. Natural Building and off-grid general maintenance. We are totally off-grid, in terms of water and electricity. This means we are independent from any company supplying these basic commodities. All our constructions are natural buildings or involve the usage of ecological and sustainable materials. Affiliates can come to join in rehabilitation, construction or maintenance events, some of this in the form of formal courses or just in the course of the Association daily activity. We are weekly organised by areas and tasks, so we all can flow with good speed and grace ;) *** Help needed to regenerate the Forest from October to April and create wild fire prevention barriers!🪓 🌱💫 *** Looking for help in October - November : Mamma sitting, food gardens, animal care and cooking for our amazing team !!!! ✨❤️ *** For the winter, November - April, we are also looking for carpenters, masons, painters and wood sculptors, to help with renovation and new natural construction buildings 🪚🧱🪵


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Amazing experiência!!! I will be back Quinta Alma is a beautiful place with beautiful souls 💕

10 days ago



Quinta Alma is a beautiful place to connect with yourself, nature and other travellers. The tasks are clearly outlined and everyone is willing to assist you when needed.
I felt comfortable and welcomed during my stay. The beaches around the farm (not walking distance) are also really beautiful.
The overall energy of Quinta Alma is uplifting and relaxed.

13 days ago

United States


If you are interested in learning about permaculture and disconnecting on a beautiful farm for however long, I highly recommend this experience. It was a great way to be in nature and meet beautiful people from all over the world. However it is worth noting that it is extremely difficult to leave the farm and travel to the beach or other places, and the hosts don't offer much help in this aspect, so sometimes I felt stuck on the farm. If you have a car, this is not a problem. It is up to the volunteers mostly to organize events, go places and create a community.

about 2 months ago

Joana replied

Dear Kady,
Thank you for your feedback! It is also worth mentioning that there are several people with cars, from the hosts and team leaders. Between us, we are always coming and going to Aljezur and it is true that comes from the volunteers to ask for a lift to town or to the beach. Having said this, we are improving our internal communication tools to make car pooling more efficient and better communicated inside the community. Thanks again!



Was amazing. Such an beautiful place with special people. I’m so thankful for everything. I’ll stay forever in my heart

3 months ago

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