VISION: Being the leading organization that ensures disadvantageous group’s welfares are being protected particularly in getting better edu- cation, health services including rehabilita- tion, water services and Nutrition. MISSION: To provide safe place and proper services for disadvantageous group where their physical and emotional needs are highly cared for in loving environment through education, empowerment and participatory approach. OBJECTIVES To promote availability and accessibility of basic services to the disadvantaged groups to include education, health, nutrition and water services. To facilitate the provision of education and counseling services to the vulnerable groups of the community To strengthen the skills of home nursing to enable care and rehabilitation services to people who will take care for the people with illness, injuries, bedridden and functional disabilities.

I and my husbamd are your contact persons. If you have any problem please share with us. We can provide a room in our house and meals if it is avaiable. At the AMRCO center we have also a room where you can stay with students and other guests for more interaction and cultural exchange.


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