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When a volunteer chooses us they will have the oppertunity to learn new skills, language, learn about our little city island & also get to explore with free tours we do for our guests from the hostel.
Also they will have plenty of free time to explore & have fun themselves ....but the best part is meeting new people from all over the world who become friends for life!

When a traveler chooses to volunteer at our hostel we always treat them with respect & like family! They become apart of us. ...We like to make them feel at home away from home as we understand that they have probably been travelling for a short or long time or even first time! My name is Angelika... I'm Greek/Australian orn and bred in Tasmania & I have been living in Chania Crete Island since 2001 with my family. I was very excited to work with tourism here on Crete Island so I decided to open a little hostel & a tour office in the heart of the Old Harbour with all the attractions just walking distance and just a 10 min walk to the first local beach. It was the best dicison with the best location!!! Also I do alot of group tours with my guests to the the best famous beaches around the Island also alot of hikes to the white mountains & gorges! I offer for my volunteers a bed in a dorm & breakfast in the morning at thehostel for just a few hours per day of help.


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I had the best time at the hostel and I would totally recommend it to everyone! 🫶🏻 The work is super easy and doesn’t really feel like work. There is a lot of time to explore the city and surroundings and have great conversations with people from all over the world. Angelika is the best, I felt very welcomed and very well taken care of! Would love to come back, thanks for the great time. :)

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I had a really nice time volunteering here! Angelika is really sweet and welcoming and always attentive to anything you may need. I went during off season so the few tasks were very easy but my favorite part was getting to know all of the guests and meeting so many interesting different people. I would recommend volunteering here and getting to know the beautiful town of Chania.

6 months ago

Aggeliki replied

Thank you so much Valentina...would love to have your help again soon.

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Angelika is great, and everything is as the description says. She took us on lots of tours - one thing that I didn’t know though was that I still needed to pay to go on the tours (half price), but in order to get the “free tours”, I would have had to lead them myself, which could have counted as shift time. I wish I knew this because there were a few times I was out with a bunch of people on a “tour” and ended up rushing back for my shift. The hours are respected, and Angelika let me leave early a few times! I can’t wait to go back. Pls feel free to msg with questions!

6 months ago



The tasks was easy to learn and it was a fun and social job. The host is the most loving and caring person.

7 months ago



My experience was amazing. Angelika is a great person. I felt welcomed and appreciated. The work is really easy - I needed to be at the hostel from 5pm until 10pm, to check guests in, respond to their questions, talk to them, create good atmosphere, turn the AC on, make sure the common areas are clean. Since it’s a small hostel, usually there were just a few check ins and I spent most of the time socializing with guests, it mostly didn’t feel like work. I didn’t get any free tours or events, but I got groceries for breakfast, support from Angelika and Eleni, and memories. 100% worth it!

9 months ago

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