Eco Caminhos

Attention: We need a carpenter and a marketing specialist, if you are interested, send an email to:; 6 reasons: 1) Beautiful location in the mountains 2) We will have an apprentices program for underprivileged teens and youngsters. 3) You learn about bio-construction, permaculture, Eco turism, renewable energy. 4) You will work in a very motivated, hard working and united team 5) Eco Caminhos believes in it's people. You will have the opportunity to become part of Eco Caminhos, generate your own income and stay long term 6) After a 3 month introduction period you will have the change to participate in projects that can generate your income.

We have a very hard working team with a variety of skills. We have a good mix of local Brazilians and international volunteers. We take volunteering very serious as we want to choose the future managers from the volunteers. Volunteering in our view is an excellent form to get to know each other. You will be offered food, accommodation and internet (during the rainy season internet is weak). People work 40 hour weeks and we do expect all people to comply. It is physically tough and we demand a lot of the entire team. But we believe that this builds a unite team. Every person in Eco Caminhos does physical work. We lead by example.

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