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Located in the peaceful city of Nova Friburgo in Rio de Janeiro, Eco Caminhos is an Eco Farm that has the intention to become a fully self-sustaining community in Brazil. We work in order to produce our own food, energy, and building materials. We believe this is the ideal setting for humans to develop themselves as we learn to live (coliving), work (coworking), evolve, and resolve our problems together. Our Mission is focused not only on sustainability but also on social work by helping underprivileged locals who will get the chance of joining our apprenticeship program. At the farm, we are a multicultural team of volunteers learning how to implement and follow permaculture principles. Here you will be able to learn about and practice natural building (bioconstruction), agroforestry (syntrophic farming), and renewable energy systems. In your free time, you can share a nice healthy meal at a campfire, go hiking, refresh at our backyard waterfall, or spend quality time with the other residents. Attention, we have several positions available: Farming / Agriculture / Agroforestry enthusiastic Video Maker Marketing specialist (CRM, SEO, online data, and digital marketing) Journalist Fund-raising Carpenter 7 reasons to join us: 1) Beautiful location with a stunning view in the mountains 2) We have an apprenticeship program for underprivileged locals and youth. 3) You will learn about bioconstruction, permaculture, Ecotourism, and renewable energy. 4) You will work in a very motivated, hard-working, and united team 5) Eco Caminhos believes in its people. You will have the opportunity to become part of Eco Caminhos, generate your own income, and stay long term 6) After a 3-month introductory period, if you want to stay you will have the chance to participate in projects that can generate your income. 7) We offer free Portuguese lessons to volunteers! You can read everything about our Eco farm here:

We have a very hard working team with a variety of skills. We have a good mix of local Brazilians and international volunteers. We take volunteering very seriously as we want to choose future managers from our volunteers. Volunteering in our view is an excellent form of getting to know each other. You will be offered food, accommodation, and internet (during the rainy season internet can be weak). People work 40-hour weeks and we do expect all people to contribute. It is physically tough and we demand a lot of the entire team. But we believe that this builds a united team. Every person at Eco Caminhos does physical work. We lead by example.


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I absolutely recommend EcoCaminhos to everyone who is interested in nature, sustainable development and alternative lifestyles. As EcoCaminhos offers agroforestry, permaculture-gardening and bioconstruction, the work in this project widened my spectrum of consciousness and knowledge about sustainability. The volunteers, the host and his family welcomed me very well and we spend a lot of time together. You will love the waterfall behind the volunteer-houses and the hikes in this stunning place in the mountains!

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