Eterij de Notaris

We are easygoing, having fun while working is important. Wednesday and Thursday the restaurant is closed. These days we can discover the Netherlands: visiting Amsterdam, one of the islands, sailing, and enjoy the beautiful places in our country! As a volonteer in our restaurant you will be a member of a team of young people all over the world; perfect to learn of other countrys and cultures

No stress, having a good time. Learn of other people, having good conversations and just having a special period and meet nice people! In our restaurant are a lot of tourists; English, German, French, Spanish, so you have contact with a lot of different cultures. In our restaurant we work with the maximum of 5 volonteers. There is a large bedroom for the boys and a much larger bedroom for the girls. Breakfast, lunch and diner is free and you may drink what ever you like. During work no alcohol, but when the work is finished it is nice to have a drink with each other, talking about the working day, sharing experiences and teach and learn from eachother. As owner of the restaurant, i like to show you the nice things of the netherlands. Wednesday and Thursday we are closed, so the perfect time to visit Amsterdam, Go to the Islands, see Giethoorn, take lessons in sailing and do all the things that make being in the Netherlands interesting! Believe me, you will have a good and interesting time in Eterij de Notaris in Heeg!!

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This was my first Worldpackers experience. I had an amazing time in Heeg :) It is a cozy, small town. You‘ll have plenty of free time to look around the town and its stunning landscape. You can do day trips to other cities like Leeuwarden or Groningen. Or you can relax and spend your day on the wonderful terrace. The work is really fun and you‘ll get close to the other volunteers in no time. After a few days you’ll feel like family :) You‘ll see that Luuk is really an amazing person. He is really honest ( in a good way), has a lot of charisma and a bunch of adventurous stories to tell. :)

3 days ago



Heeg is a really cute town with a calm vibe and it’s close to many places to visit on your free time! It’s a great opportunity to get to know the culture and talk to the locals. The tasks are simple and you get used to it quickly if you don't have problems with the English! Luuk is an excellent host with whom you can talk easily and hear about his adventures! He answered all my daily questions with patience and when I had an accident he didn’t hesitate to help me and be considerate of my recovery. I am very grateful and i would love to comeback!! I fully recommend this experience. Doei :)!

5 days ago



It was one of the best experiences since I have been traveling, thanks to this position I was able to meet wonderful people, visit many places in the Netherlands, I love this country!, was working with Luuk in the kitchen, I could confirm the passion I have in this sector, Heeg is a town that is far from the city, but they will have enough time to do everything. Thank you Luuk for the trust and sharing all this time!
If you have the opportunity to apply to this position, it is 1000% recommended

7 days ago



That volunteering was one of the best I could have done, I really enjoyed the work and the environment in the restaurant was so good. Luuk is really kind and funny, in general you have a lot of freedom and free time there. Even though Heeg is a small town, you can go and visit so many places, specially in your days off. I learned a lot and I really hope I can go back at some point because I miss it

14 days ago



This was my second experience like volunteering and was amazing. The atmosphere is fantastic, environment the well friendly, everybody help in the chores like if were a family! Luuk always patient and correct. Get explain every activities in the restaurant. Relationship in the team keep the a ‘weather’ friendship fantastic. Heeg is small city but easy access another city by bus, train and bicycle with excellent bike lane. The weather in august ias nice, sometimes rain but every week is possibly day sunny. Anyway I like everything, better experience and wait back again! Thank you Luuk!

20 days ago

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