Farm in Tromsø

If you want to stay on a lovely farm close to the city of Tromsø and experience midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter, this is a perfect place for you. You can learn how to care for horses and other different animals (donkeys, goats, lamas, peacocks, muflons and much more). We also live close to a fjord, beautiful mountains and a lot of nice places that you can explore in your free time.

Right now we are looking for a girl (all the boys positions are filled until the end of august) preferably with horse experience who can stay for at least 3 months.

Please note that because of the regulations, we can unfortunately accept only volunteers from the EU area.

We usually have more volunteers at the same time who cooperate as a team and spread the work equally. You live in your own room and share bathroom with the other volunteers. We normally cook a dinner for everyone and you can make breakfast and lunch for yourself from the food in the fridge. We are trying to treat all our volunteers as family members and create good working conditions for them.

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature

Contact with animals