First German Potatoe Hotel

You love Potatoes and Country Side? Come to our Potatoe Hotel an be wellcome :-)
Once a week we organize a German teacher for your German lessons.
We have a whole house especially for our volunteers. You stay in hotel rooms with multiple beds and get free food and drink in our restaurant. Vegetarian food is not a problem, we have a lot of potatoes ;-)

Our potato hotel has been around for over 30 years. Potato fans from all over the world come to us. Our potato hotel family welcomes you and takes you into our team.


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It's definitely a beautiful place to connect with nature and German culture. German lessons were very interesting and useful to help you with the language (I recommend to come with a basic knowledge to manage a better understanding with the staff, specifically while doing your tasks which is key). The professor was very kind and open to help you with your German interests and doubts for a better communication. Staff members are kind people open to talk about your concerns and willing to find a way to make you feel comfortable, specialIy some days that could be a bit stressful. I learned a lot!

7 days ago



The staff here are incredible, kind and welcoming people.
However, whatever job you apply for is likely not going to be what you get, as the host doesn’t even communicate this with the person making the schedule. I think for transparencies sake the host should just make one application page with all the jobs listed. I did many and they were all fairly easy, but not what I came to northern Germany to learn.
Also, though I think the host wants to include vegan friendly options, it’s just not there, and shouldn’t be listed. This is hotel work, not farm.
Overall, grateful for the friends I made.

26 days ago

Olaf replied

You came later than planned and left earlier as agreed and in the meantime you always said what you didn't want. No matter what task we gave you, you didn't do any task with joy. You gave us the feeling that you came to us with a huge mountain of personal problems and instead of getting involved with us, you dragged Julia down with your negative energy. It's a shame that you tried to make your problems our problems. Thank God we have a team of employees who are firmly at peace and brimming with positive energy. You applied to garden and work outside. It took exactly two days before you no longer wanted to do this work. I wish you a little more confidence and a lot more stamina for the future and please, please strengthen the positive energy in those around you and try not to drag anyone down with you when you are in a bad mood again and you feel the misfortune of the whole world on your shoulders. Greetings from Germany, Olaf



I had a great experience being here!
All the staff, the volunteers and guests are lovely and always willing to help you.
The tasks are easy, I really enjoyed my time in the kitchen with Andrea and Dagmar.
The food is good and the accommodation is really nice as well.
Thank you for this opportunity, I wish you the best!

about 2 months ago



I had an excellent experience at Kartoffel-hotel. The unique and beautiful location provided a peaceful escape from the city. The host and workers were always available to answer questions. I felt welcomed and recommend this hotel for anyone wanting to learn about the country, language, and culture. It's easy to visit larger cities on free days with a Deutschland ticket. The lessons I learned during my stay will stay with me for a lifetime.
PS: No potato-picking for me!

2 months ago

United States


I really enjoyed my stay at the kartoffel hotel! Straightforward work, nice people, very beautiful and calm location. You can easily visit Hamburg, Berlin, Lubeck, and countless small towns on your free days on the train, and biking around the countryside is lovely. I would recommend coming with at least a little german, as it would make it easier to connect with some of the staff and guests. Absolutely recommend, as long as you really consider if you are up for spending a month+ in a teeny village eating only German food!

2 months ago

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