Fonteintanata Farm

Are you looking for a relax atmosphere, a break in between busy period or city trips? This is the place for you. Come here to disconnect, to enjoy a beautiful sunset, a leisurely walk in nature, an interesting chat with the chickens and many more highlights of living in the countryside.

We are an Agriturismo that offers a sustainable form of slow tourism. We work with tourists during the high season and this is the main activity here. The propriety belongs to Nicolo's family. He lives with Mia, his partner, and Santiago, the cooperator. We're a total of three young entrepreneurs running the farm and, in order to do so, we host on average 4-6 volunteers per time. In change of volunteers's precious help we offer accommodation and we cook delicious dinners. The rest of the meals are on you! We are looking for people who can help us in our projects and with our daily routines. We'd like to have someone who don't mind to getting his/her hands dirty, working hard if needed and having its own initiative. You get 2 days off a week, and we can bring you to -Casino di Terra- on your days off in order to take a bus and go somewhere else for a day trip or weekend trip.


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Had the time of my life here ! Nico and Mia are amazing people very hospitable - I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable.
The work was fair , hours great , and the food was incredible- I’ll definitely be back , cannot recommend this experience enough. 10/10!

Thanks again for everything guys

4 days ago

Nicolò replied

Makaela We love you!!!



The tasks were pretty heavy, Mia expected me to finish a lot of hard work in the same day, and it was also pretty annoying when she kept asked me on the phone in a petty behavior during the day if the task was done. I only had a few hours a day to rest and then you were expected to cook everyday for dinner or wash the dishes, I couldn't relax, it was tiring and draining my energy,my back and arms ached from constant vacuuming and wiping, my hands were blistered and injured. I showed her my injured hands, she didn't even apologize, she was ruthless and lacked empathy.I had to cut my trip short

6 days ago



Villa Fonteintana is an amazing place, I learned a lot there, Nicolò and Mia are amazing hosts every mornings we had meetings to set our plan for the day and we had dinners together to talk about how was our day and have a culture exchange, also Santiago was always helpful, I’m gonna miss this place and Theo and Nana that are the most amazing Italian Hound. I hope one day to go back there.

19 days ago



Villa Fonteintanata is a magical place, but whats most special about it are the people!
Nico, Mia and Santi are just beautiful souls. My stay there felt really special and i'm very grateful for the time I could be there.

about 1 month ago



Amazing month in Villa Fonteintanata, we made a beautiful group with the hosts and volunteers. Highly recommended!

2 months ago

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