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Working in our hostel spiritually enriches you. You will make new friends, know people from all over the world and learn how to approach guests in the best way possible! Moreover in exchange for work you will obviously have your free time to enjoy Sicily, Mt. Etna, Taormina and all the beautiful places Sicily offers.

I'm Gianni, Gianni House's manager: it is a family run hostel located in the area of Giardini-Naxos/Taormina. Our aim is to create the meeting point is Sicily, that's why we are searching for people from all over the world who can help us in our project: we deeply believe that anyone of you could be helpful to us and could add something special to our hostel! Volunteers will be treated as they're part of the family, they will have accomodation and a typical italian breakfast included. Moreover the atmosphere here is really friendly so it will be easy to make friends with the family, the staff members and all the guests.


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I loved my experience at Gianni’s House!! I actually extended my stay twice. His wife, Grazie, is this amazing, thoughtful woman who would by me ice cream and sweets!
The work is chilled. I’ve worked in 4 other hostels and the structure of this hostel is definitely good! The breakfast is rich!
The hostel is really well located, the bus stop to taormina and catania is seconds from the hostel. Giardini is this cute, small town with a gorgeous beach with a view to the vulcano etna!
The hostel is less than 10min walk to the beach.
I highly recommend!




Recomiendo el hostal encarecidamente para ir como huésped. Sin embargo, yo no me sentí comoda trabajando ahí. Los jefes no se preocupan absolutamente nada por ti(te alojan en el peor cuarto,no tienes ni espacio para poner tu ropa y son muy bordes y maleducados a la hora de decirte las cosas, se nota mucho que únicamente les importa el dinero y no tu bienestar). Tienen cámaras en todos los sitios del hostal excepto en las habitaciones por lo que no tienes ninguna privacidad, las cuales controlan en todo momento. Se notaba mucho la diferencia de trato si eras un voluntario chico o chica.


Gianfranco replied

Hello Sonia,
I always make sure to provide volunteers everything they need in order to make the volunteering experience pleasant and useful for both parts and, actually, I think I did that with you as well.
You were hosted, with only another volunteer, in a four bed dorm which had a bathroom, a fan and also a wardrobe where you could put your clothes. If you thought that you did not have enough space where to put them you could've just told me about this problem and I would've tried my best to solve it. For the cameras, I honestly don't get your complaint. I've installed them to create a 24 hours security environment in the hostel, so that both the guests and the volunteers can feel safe. Moreover, I think that I have the right to use them in order to check that everything works at the hostel, since I can't stay there 24/7. I absolutely don't make any difference between female and male volunteers: when a volunteer sells an excursion, the agency I work with gives me the possibility of a free tour and I think it's fair to give this possibility to the volunteer who has sold the excursion. I gave the possibility to the other volunteer (a guy) because he had sold many excursions while you didn't sell any.
Anyways, I hope your next experience will be more pleasant.

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