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France, Metropolitan


Great experience ! The volunteer team welcome me so good, and I felt at home during 15 days ! The work is easy for new volunteers

14 days ago

United States


Working reception and hosting activities at House of Journey was a creative, engaging, and fulfilling experience. Not only did the owners, Rayson and Cheryl, give me great flexibility to create and host various activities (game nights, yoga, workouts, walking tours), but I also had a loving and quality group of volunteers that worked together to make each guest feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. While there was quite a bit of responsibility on the volunteers since the hosts weren't always at the hostel, it was a joy to have such a big impact on the guests and the overall hostel vibe.

20 days ago



One of my best volunteer experience. Cheryl and Rayson are so trusting and gives you a lot of freedom which is a great opportunity to learn and take responsibility. We had so much fun with the pub crawls, trivia nights and other activities. Met so many amazing people and shared great moments. Georgetown is also such a nice city. A perfect combination between local culture but also tourist friendly. Really recommend to all self going and social travellers!

about 2 months ago



Pase 2 semanas muy buenas en este hostel!
Las tareas son simples y es un espacio divertido.
Lxs dueñxs son amorosxs y confían mucho en el equipo voluntario por lo que sabe que vas a tener responsabilidades grandes como por ejemplo con el manejo del dinero.
Recomiendo mucho este lugar para quienes quieran pasar sus días trabajando en un sitio sociable y con buena energía!

about 2 months ago



I sprent 3 weeks in the hostel, I enjoyed my stay even if it could have been better. Overall, the hostel is clean, the job is easy, I had a good team of volunteer with me. One thing is that the Owner are not really present physically but Sheryl (one of the boss) is there when we need.

2 months ago