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Iguana hostel Oaxaca is a communal hostel where we try to provide our guests a space to experience and explore Oaxaca in their own way and time with the help of our knowledge. We have been working with volunteers for over 8 years and have found they exchange to be a fantastic way for us, our staff and our guests to provide personal and unique experiences.

before starting Iguana hostel I was travelling Latin America for 6 years, working, volunteering and managing various hostels, tour companies and restaurants. Iguana is a combination of my experiences and the experiences of each and every person who has spent time with us and helped us get to the present day. Sometime I am more involved and sometime I have other things I need to attend to but ever part of the hostel is something we have built to try to make our volunteers and guests stays better.


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Staying at Iguana hostel was a pretty good experience, I enjoyed it so much that I stayed one week more than I expected at the beginning.

The atmosphere was super friendly, I got to know such an interesting people, not only volunteers, but guests and most of the staff, specially Alma.

I'm really greatful for this experience

about 1 month ago

Antony replied

Regina demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with our guests, embodying the spirit of Iguana which is well known for its friendly and helpful vibe . She was always enthusiastic to organize and participate in guest activities , often cited as a highlight of the guest experience.
Regina is a dedicated worker and an all-around great person. Without a doubt I confidently recommend her for any volunteer position.



Gracias Iguana Hostal por permitirme ser parte de su staff.
Me hicieron sentir en casa desde el primer día.
Las tareas son muy simples y con la organización de horarios te quedan los días libres para recorrer la zona que es muy extensa y bonita.
Están en pleno centro de la ciudad y las actividades free las disfrute a pleno. (Hacer tamales con Tere, salsa con Rafa, Paseos con otros voluntarios)
La cocina esta súper equipada y es de gran ayuda para los viajeros!
Gracias nuevamente por permitirme estar 3 semanas con ustedes.

3 months ago

United Kingdom


I came to Iguana after falling in love with it as a guest. The Hostel is cosy with activities to keep you busy. The full time staff such as the cooks, cleaning ladies and the manager Alma were absolutely lovely.
However I a bed bug problem the whole 3 weeks I was there which has very much left so scars from the bites. The fumigated each time I raised the issue but unfortunately it could not be solved. The owner Anthony cares more about the hostel than the guest and the staff which was definitely off putting especially in where issues arose.
Overall ok, met wonderful friends whilst there

3 months ago

Antony replied

Hola Marie!
I am very happy you loved the hostel and our manager and your time with us!
I am sorry about the bugs. We have been working hard to make sure we don't have problems like this happen again. On a personal note I am confused by the animosity directed at me. I guess we talked maybe one time during your stay and it seemed like a normal conversation... I do believe a hostel must be more then its owner and my part of it should not affect our guests, workers and/or volunteers so I try to stay out of day to day issues... Saludos

United States


Loved working at Iguana! Made amazing friends with staff and guests. Easy work and even while you’re on shift you can have fun! Love the terrace and vibe of the hostel. Kitchen is huge so it’s easy to cook your own food.

5 months ago



Great hostel!

6 months ago

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