Kampoeng Sinaoe Sidoarjo

We offer the volunteers the hospitality in rural area in Sidoarjo, East Java Province. They can immerse themselves in the genuine of Javanese Culture. Such as attending wedding party, circumcision party, involve in national days celebration, mutual works, religion celebrations, etc. In holidays, the volunteers can visit tourism places nearby such us museum, night market, town square, waterfall, amusement park, etc.

Hi, my name is Ida. I resigned from formal schools since 6 years ago to help my husband organize his institution, Kampoeng Sinaoe (non profit organization) since 16 years ago. While the students are learning, I enclose some moral values, cooperation, conservation awareness, charity, social projects and many more. We host many poor and the orphans students without payments. Our goal is to build a balanced education system for the poor and the rich. We are in need of more volunteers to make our institution grow better and bigger. Our village can continue to be empowered by the many resources the institution provides it. I want this institution to benefit not only around my village, in Sidoarjo area, but throughout Indonesia. I believe good education is the precious asset we need to reach our dreams, and to make Indonesia a better nation. I have various students here. Starting from kindergarten until university students, employees or professionals. We distinguish them in some classes or levels. As our classrooms our centre has eco-gazebos and we use some of the local people's front space as classes.

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