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We are two old local Tanzanians namely Mary and Steven together running a volunteering and education opportunity programs in Arusha, Tanzania. We founded an umbrella operating charitable organization and educational based non-profit founded in 2015 with aid programs that provide free, quality education opportunities and community support in the least developed areas to help locals, unprivileged children, disadvantaged groups and women in Arusha, Tanzania. So it’s always busy at our place. Staying with us will give you an inside Tanzanian culture as well as experiencing new volunteering life as well as help trustworthy NGO with current projects at our new future field. Presently we manage a preschool & early childhood development program for (3-6) years old children on two sites and operates a training centre in Arusha for secondary education program and vocational training programs for young adults between the age of 15 and 22 years old. Most of our volunteers are short-term and long term volunteers, who join us in their vacation and volunteering time and they start joining us in volunteering programs, doing Safari or Hiking Trips from here. We are looking for volunteers who can help our construction projects and help with teaching unprivileged children. We can also arrange some trips for our volunteers. Our programs are located in Arusha at the slopes of remarkable Mt. Meru in Northern Tanzania. We welcome volunteers from abroad. They also stay at our locals families and share culture and life experience. Please join us to see the really life of people and share your knowledge. We are working a big dreams! don't hesitate to join us now. It's easy to respond to you on social media like Instagram, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp number, so it's nice to include in your email when you contact us, Thanks so much for being ready to join us.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities ! As you live together with Tanzanian families, you will be in a daily contact with the locals and work with us together and experience our real life and culture. It is possible to learn different cultural behavior including cooking, dressing e.t.c in our area of Arusha. You can also take Swahili classes. We can teach/show you how to cook Tanzanian Food. We can put you in contact with a reputable tailor to get quality Tanzanian clothes. We can call for you a hairdresser, if you are interested in braiding your hair. We can go out and do sports like football, rugby or netball, which are the most popular sport activities in our area. Also we like to watch sports and talk about it. We will enjoy the nightlife together on weekends to see bars, live music and clubs. We will tell you the real prices for buses/ minibuses, tuk-tuk (bajaji in swahili), motorcycle (Toyo in swahili), fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, so you pay the fair price every time (bargaining is a must in Tanzania!), we let you avoid muzungu prices in Tanzania. Type of helps we need! We have some exciting work to share and we are looking forward to welcome open minded people to volunteer and help us in the following fields: 1. Teaching English, French, Spanish, German and other subjects for example Biology, Physics, Geography, Mathematics as well as communication skills, psychology, computer skills in microsoft offices, photoshops, graphics and etc - Even if you have no teaching experience you can work with one of our experienced teachers or take on some classes by yourself. - During most of the year we have a pre-school group (aged 3-6) that could use a native English speaker and a young adult class that can use help with job preparation and English language learning. - In September to December you can help with our Pre-form students (aged 13-14) to learn English and get ready for secondary schools and introduction to English subjects to all subjects and teaching other academic courses. 2. Webpages developing, graphics design and programming. We are looking for anyone who has an ideas to improve the development of our webpages or designing webpages on website of our organization as well as expert in graphics, photography, videographer and designing posters, flyers, business cards, stickers, brochures, rebranding banners and design organization handbooks or profile book. 3. Help with social media and marketing (taking pictures and videos editing with your own camera) - Help us spread the word to friends, family, colleagues or other society members via facebook, instagram and emails (any social network), so that we can reach as many people as possible and get more likes, shares, comments and reviews or donation in order to raise awareness of education and reach out our goals. 4. Help building a new classroom, computer lab and Teachers' House. - We need volunteers who aren’t afraid of getting dirty hands by helping us in building and construction in general. As a plus you can help with building interior equipment like bookshelves or useful things. - Other facilities and supplies for the school are needed, These includes furnitures, textbooks, laptops or computers, camera or binoculars, office chairs, office tables, printers e.t.c. 5. Organise a fundraising campaign. - Help organise a fundraising campaigns through GoFundMe in online to support building a school for vulnerable groups which makes a huge impact in the world by helping vulnerable children get out of child labour, street life and poverty! 6. Workshops in health class, sexual education and menstrual hygiene. - Help out by conducting workshop to school drop out girls, young women and youth who faces a great challenges of lacking awareness on health issues and sanitary resources which leads to school drop outs, poor performance, lack of job opportunity, early marriage, unwanted pregnant and poverty in general. We will appreciate and thank very much for considering any way you can support our work. Furthermore you are always welcome to bring in your own ideas as we value them a lot. Accommodation We provide accommodation in a shared and private rooms and all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in Arusha at a rented living compound (rooms), but lunch and dinner on the weekends are not compulsory. We have no Wi-Fi, but we can help you get a local sim card so that you purchase own data with good network signal. Once you arrive to our organisation in Arusha, you will live and work with us in Sinoni Area.

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