La Casa de las Estrellas

The animal sanctuary is a unique place for a volunteering experience. There is a variety of rescued animals, who are all treated and cared for as individuals. There is the opportunity to spend time with and connect to the animals, as well as learn about them and their needs.

I am happy to share everything with the people living at my place. I would like people to be part of the community, help each other out, and treat everybody, including animals and the surroundings, with respect.

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This experience was something I’ll never forget! I learned so much about animals and especially about dogs and you’ll fall in love with them so fast. I met the most wonderful people here and there was always something going on. This experience is definitely not for everyone because it’s a very special environment since there is not much water or electricity in the desert and it can be exhausting but for me it was totally worth it! It’s very impressive what Liala does for the animals and how she dedicated her life to rescue them.

23 days ago



I will never forget this amazing experience! Liala is such an inspiration! You work 5h a day, 4 in the morning and 1h in the evening. 2days off. Be prepared to have your shoes/clothes eaten by a goat/dog. You can be overstimulated sometimes so bring earplugs &headphones, and warm clothes for in the evening! You can easily walk 30-35min to the nearest beach/town. I recommend to rent a car if you have 2 days off, you can than easily explore the whole island. It’s really living as a community and always being surrounded by animals. Loved it, except when I was sick so wear a hat and drink a lot!❤️

28 days ago



I stayed there for a month and I’ve never lived and felt something like that. It was amazing, a completely different reality that truly changed my perspective on so many things. All the animals, especially the dogs made my experience, they help you to reconnect with your wild side and fully live the moment. I always felt safe in there, a home feeling I will never forget.
My suggestion is enjoy every second there as much as possible and put 100% of your effort in each task you’re doing, the place needs strong minds and strong hands
Big thank you to Liala, the animals and to the people there!

29 days ago

United Kingdom


Wow, what an experience. The animals, the people and the surrounding areas was truly beautiful, living in a community isnt easy to describe unless you do it, and how i can’t recommend this enough. I learnt so much about this line of work, and about myself. Liala is an extraordinary women and is a real credit to herself and those around her. The sanctuary is ran really well, though it does have stressful moments but you make friends for life and can make an impact, which is the best thing. I would say if you’re thinking of going, do it!! You wont regret the memories you will make

about 1 month ago



I stayed at La Casa De Las Estrellas for 6 and a half weeks and had a wonderful time there. Liala is an incredible woman from whom you can learn a lot! As it was my first worldpackers experience I was really glad because I got along very well with the people I met there. The animals are amazing and caring for them and has been a pleasure. I really miss the feeling of being surrounded by them 24/7. I wanna say thank you to everyone who made the time I spent there so special. If you're an animal lover, this will be the perfect place for you :D

about 2 months ago

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