Located just a short 30 second walk from Busan Station, most attractions and beaches of the city are accessible in a short time! With only 2 hours of work per day 5 days a week helping with our daily housekeeping, you are free to do whatever you would like with the rest of your time. If you can speak at least an intermediate level of Korean, we have receptionist positions available! Please let us know via message if you would like to try~ In exchange for your work, we provide free accomodation, and rice and ramyeon! All facilities (kitchen, laundry, free wifi and etc. ) are available 24/7.

All the staff are nice and friendly, and are ready to help you with everything you need! It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make some lifelong friends~ Let's have a fun experience in one of Korea's beatiful coastline cities, Busan!

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I loved my stay in One Way! I made friends and meaningful connections in both of the hostels they have. The tasks are very easy and the majority of days you finish very fast, leaving you time to enjoy Busan. As the vibe here is very chill, we ended up having movie nights or playing pool in the social basement. And if you want to visit other places it is also very easy as you are next to Busan station, meaning a lot of options to move around the city.

4 days ago



I stayed at the OneWay Hostel for 4 weeks :) It was my first volunteering experience and I‘m happy with that! My fellow volunteers (4 to 7 people) were always wonderful and nice to work and hang out with. The other two people you’re gonna work with are Sean (the owner) and John (like a replacement of Sean when he’s not there). Both speak english really well and are korean (so you can also speak korean to them). Very wonderful people! Especially John is a wholesome person all around. What’s important to note imo are the working hours (1pm-3pm). Other than that I really liked it! :) Cheers

11 days ago



Don't hesitate to volunteer at One Way Guesthouse: Sean and John (boss & manager) are adorable, caring and attentive to volunteers' needs! The atmosphere is chill among the volunteers, and it's super easy to meet new people if that's what you're looking for.

++ Busan is a superb city to discover.

13 days ago

United States


My time at OneWay was nothing short of amazing. The work is incredibly fair and the staff is understanding and overall great to be around. Couldn’t recommend this experience more

about 1 month ago



Ha siso una experiencia increíble, siento que he formado un grupo maravilloso con gente increíble. En cuanto al trabajo, muy fácil y rápido, nos turnamos entre los voluntarios las tareas a realizar para la guess house, entre cambio de sabanas, baños, aspiradora y lavandería, y hacemos las habitaciones asignadas para cada día, algunos días se tarda menos de 1h, y otros 2h, pero nunca más. Esto deja mucho tiempo libre para conocer la ciudad, que me encantó, y a los demás voluntarios. Recomendaría al 100% la experiencia.

about 1 month ago

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