Permaculture Paradise

Immerse yourself in pristine nature haven retreat and experience hands on relation with 3 acres of amazing exotic plants and off grid natural homestead. Experience fresh coconuts, avocadoes from our food forest and bicycle through old growth mango forest to Mermaid Tide ponds, where you can bask in ocean water and lay on rocks. Our inviting property offers full amenities with meditative views, birdsong, wafting floral scents, and peaceful ambience, Familiarize yourself with tropical plants, permaculture practices and natural living. This is truly off grid with wired internet which allows you to take a break from wifi emfs for naturally restorative experience. Natural diet, and work and play on the property is sure to enhance physical strength, vitality and rejuvenation. Come experience the peace, birdsong and beautiful sounds of nightly rains.

Greetings, I welcome you to my 3 acre homestead. I am a single woman practicing wholistic healthy lifestyle for 30 plus years. i am a nature adventurer and into super healthy food and lifestyle. I'm a permaculture enthusiast. I’m happy to share my homestead and lifestyle with those eager for a hands on experience. This is a haven, a piece of paradise with full bouquet of flowers, palms, old growth trees, coconut and fruit trees and birdsong. we are in a unique pristine area. this is sure to be an enriching experience.


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The place is absolutely beautiful. You’ll be immersed in nature in your stay here. The tasks are super fun (for me they were) and there are a lot of projects to do.
Sherry is very caring and nice, she’s been like family, sometimes after work we went to the ponds or hot springs to rest.
The place is about 30 min away by car from the closest town.

20 days ago

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