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Pura Vida Hostel is the only hostel in Rio de Janeiro with the charm of a medieval castle. We are located in the best spot of Rio, only one block from Copacabana beach, about 15 min walk to Arpoador and Ipanema beach, and a 2 min walk to the public transportation of your choosing (bus or metro). Here we do everything with Pura Vida flare and that includes our parties, always frequented by Cariocas looking for a fun time with live music, DJs, and good people.

Built in the beginning of the last century as the Polish embassy of Brazil, the house of Pura Vida Hostel preserved its initial architecture, which is rarely seen nowadays. The castle-like house was influenced by designs that hold a classic sense of European beauty and decor. With stained glass windows, chandeliers, and amazing woodwork, the house is a fascinating fusion of Art Nouveau style and medieval European construction. These are just some of the details that make Pura Vida Hostel the only one of its kind in the state of Rio de Janeiro! The last highlight of our beautiful house is our ‘Taverna’, the medieval bar of Pura Vida Hostel. The ‘ragers’ we hold at the Taverna are always frequented by Cariocas (Brazilians born and raised in Rio de Janeiro), other out-of-state Brasilians, and tourists from all over the world. Our parties feature the best Carioca DJs Rio de Janeiro has to offer as well as live rock, jazz, samba, and cultural shows. The space of the Taverna has also been used in various films (including a film on famous Brazilian singer Tim Maia) music videos, private parties, and even weddings. ‘Pura Vida’ embodies fun and our ‘party house’ is already recognized as one of the best nightlife options in Rio de Janeiro as highlighted by numerous popular newspapers and magazines like ‘O Globo e O Dia’ and ‘Veja e Época’! Pura Vida is a greeting of good energy. Just like the expressions: tudo bem, aloha, carpe diem, and tamu junto, the expression Pura Vida conveys a sense of well-being, happiness, and enjoyment! All of this is the style of Pura Vida Hostel. Come live the Pura Vida experience as a Worldpacker here!


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Pura Vida é um otimo hostel e o anfritriãi Felipe tambem, mas tive que voltar pra São Paulo por conta de alguns problemas pessoas por isso não pude ficar.

3 days ago


Pura Vida Hostel, mi Hogar en Rio de Janeiro.
Desde el momento en que llegue al Hostel, no me imaginé que encontraría una familia. Tanto Felipe como Dalton, sus dueños, son excelentes personas que me hicieron sentir como parte del Staff y parte de la familia Pura Vida inmediatamente.
El personal, mis compañeros de trabajo, son geniales,siempre dispuestos a ayudarme, y así fue que aprendí a realizar taras como la de bartender, guia de tourismo y recepcionistas,actividades que jamas había realizado en mi vida.
Amé mi experiencia en Pura vida Hostel.
Gracias por todo.

12 days ago

United Kingdom

PURA VIDA IS AMAZING!!!! I had the most incredible month working there, and miss it so much! It was so great to live with so many wonderful people in such a great location in Rio in the best hostel! Dalton and Felipe are great people to work for and they gave me a great opportunity in letting me work there. I have learned a lot from this experience and would love to come back! Obrigado!!!

16 days ago


Eu vivei uma experiência ótima com um equipe lindo. Recomendaria para qualquer pessoa. Pura Vida é um hostel bem bonito, confortável e muito agradável.
Obrigado para tudo !

23 days ago

Costa Rica

Pura Vida Hostel was my first experience out of my country, an actually I could not have asked for more, The tasks are right distributed , organized and friendly, the location has its pros and cons, It is extremely close of the beach, like 3 minute away walking, the Owners are amazing and they don't make you feel overwhelmed.

I really recommend Pura Vida Hostel for any New Traveler who wants to stay a time in RIO DE JANEIRO.

Thanks So Much Dalton and Felipe.

24 days ago

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