we share love and care, we improve the being of the orphans and the poor kids and nature them through this activities child care, teaching languages, sports, farming, house work, in communication and marketing , baby sitting, and other social works involved

to be treated well and will be part of our family, the fee that we charge per day is to help us to rise funds and support the children and other people we help, and we do have rooms for our volunteers, we do provide them free breakfast, lunch, and dinner with coffee.

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I felt at home since the first moment living with the kids and being envolved in their life. There are no words to describe that experience.
Unfortunately, I had many problems with Emma. He thinks that volunteers are objects and he owns them. He was talking about "contracts" when theres are not any. He just cares about the money; not about the job that you are doing. He is throwing many people away from the foundation. Just because they don't think in the same way as him.I hope that the bad part of my review doesn't change your mind about going because you won't regret it at all.

16 days ago

Emmanuel replied

She is the worst volunteer we have had at our project with her friend, she thought she can rule our project, with being in love with their boyfriend, she wasn't respectful to our rules thats why she left before and we have not reviewed her .
Sorry your one review out of the 15 cannot affect us due to your own interests
And sorry if you don't respect our rules, I always told you find another place

United States


I have traveled a lot and this was my most favorite trip. I was welcomed with open arms and such hospitality. Emmanuel and Lydia were amazing hosts and the children are wonderful. I got to see a lot of culture and learn so much. Teaching the children of the community was so special. I can't wait to be back and stay for a longer time. I am so thankful for this opportunity and getting to stay in the beautiful village. Thank you Emma and everyone on your team!

27 days ago



Amazing. There are no words to describe this magnificent experience. Emmas and Lidi are incredible hosts, and together with Joseph, they form a beautiful and blessed team. The food is amazing, a real immersion in Ugandan culture. The cultural impact is huge, I was certainly transformed by everything I saw and lived in those very special days. I must emphasize, this is a serious, well-structured project, which is aiming at growth and quality. Come to take care of the children - the great jewel of this fantastic place and be richly blessed.

about 1 month ago



This was the best experience of my life. I had a really amazing time with all the team, they are all amazing persons that were always taking care of me and making me feel great. I had de opportunity of knowing a lot of things about Uganda's culture and learning about them, visiting a lot of amazing places around there, having a lot of fun, and spending nice days with the kids. The food is really good and I never went hungry, the room was also very comfortable. In conclusion, it was my first experience with Worldpackers and it couldn't have been better.

4 months ago



It was a good experience! I really liked playing with the kids, who are unbelievable, and immerse in this new Ugandan culture! Unfortunately I arrived in the worst time in foundation because of some quarrels among the staff but even though, I would suggest this experience!

about 1 year ago

Emmanuel replied

Thank you too
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