Tower Bridge Hostel

We create a family atmosphere! So far all our volunteers have loved their stays. You can learn a lot about business and customer-centricity. There is a lot of space for exchanging adventures with other travelers. Join our team!

We have a general manager that takes care of the planning of the volunteers' schedule. We have a staff dorm, offer breakfast for free and discounted prices at the bar. Purified drinking water is for free as well.

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Mi primer experiencia de voluntariado en el Tower fue muy buena especialmente por las personas que conocí, tanto voluntarios como huéspedes, la vibe del lugar es única, aprendí muchas cosas y estoy agradecido con lo que me ofrecieron. Los dueños Inge y Erik son muy buenas personas.
Algunas áreas de oportunidad a trabajar podrían ser con la gerente y con un poco de empatía y asertividad

12 days ago



Mi experiencia en Tower Bridge fue increíble, fue mi primer voluntariado y me dejó muchas ganas de tener más experiencias así. El hostal es un paraíso hippie jaja nunca me aburría por los juegos que tienen y las personas tan bonitas que lo visitan. Además las horas de trabajo y lo acordado fueron respetadas, lo cuál valoré mucho. Recomiendo mucho la experiencia y el lugar, no te lo puedes perder!!

24 days ago



My exsperience at the hostel was not the best but definitely not the worst. The other volunteers was amazing, and the owners are also lovely. The main problem for me was the manager.
They never gave me an introduction to what was expected of me. What jobs needed to be done, how they do days off etc. And when I later on didn’t do it how they wanted things it bacame a bit annoying… to summarize in short, there was an expectancy of a lot of goodwill and flexibility from me. But when I asked them for flexibility they were not very understanding.

about 1 month ago

Julia replied

Hi Jacob! I am very sorry I didnt reach your expectations, but on the other hand I think we were very flexible with you and letting you have tons of days off in a row, we let you change shifts as much as you like with the volunteer that has the same position as you and even when we finished your volunteer program we let you stay one night without charging you for that night so in that part I dont think you are being very honest. We also explain you how the days off worked after the first misunderstanding. And on the other hand, even in the morning you were leaving the place without working the day before, you expected another free breakfast so I think maybe you expected a level of goodwill from us that exceed what you gave us as exchange. Nevertheless we wish you the best and that you find better places for you!!

United Kingdom


Tower Bridge Hostel is a place where a Worldpacker arrives as a stranger and leaves with a Puerto Escondido family. It is a beautiful, welcoming, fun hostel. It is a great environment to meet new people. Caro and Erik are great people who truly wish the best for their volunteers, they support you and are there for you when you need them. They look after their staff very well and want to make sure you have the best time in Puerto. As a bartender you do, do more work than anticipated but it is a lot of fun and if you are organised you still have plenty of time to enjoy fish tacos and the beach.

6 months ago



La pase muy bien en el Tower Bridge. El ambiente es increible, el hostal es hermoso y el equipo es lo mejor. La comunicación con la administración podría mejorar, pero igual es un lugar maravilloso que recomiendo para cualquiera que le guste la fiesta y la playa.

7 months ago

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