NGO Agadir-Ida-Ou Tanane Province, Morocco

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Dirty Work! Sanctuary Volunteer.

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Help look after and take care of animals.
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The Experience

We need help to walk, train, feed and clean up after the animals. Some animals have just come in off the street and need one to one training. Some need physio, some need medicating, some just need attention and love. The daily routine includes, walking, cleaning. medicating and feeding the animals. Walks are for at least an hour so you must be strong and fit.

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  • Intermediate English or Intermediate Arabic
  • Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

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Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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12 weeks

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9 Reviews


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6 Meeting locals

6 Creating true social impact

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3 Get in touch with nature

2 Immersing in the local culture

2 Practicing English

United Kingdom


If you don't mind muck and can handle a little chaos, you won't want to leave this place. Prepare to be overwhelmed on Day 1, shaken by the dogfights, covered in dog/cat/donkey (or maybe even seagull) pee, poo and food, and to feel tired after a busy shift. But connecting with the animals and easing their pain, enjoying good vibes at the staff house and experiencing the organization in a truly authentic setting surrounded by a beautiful landscape all make this experience unforgettable. Just don't bring new shoes!

about 2 months ago



This experience was truly unique and something else! And yes, the work is dirty, and often difficult, but this was communicated transparently and I knew what to expect. And at the end of the day the gratitude of the animals makes it all worth. But yes, I think this is for people who don't mind getting dirty and live in simple( yet nice) circumstances. Lisa is a wonderful person to communicate with, and I met some super nice people during my stay. The surroundings are beautiful, with the ocean nearby. I can recommend it if you want to create impact and have an adventure!

3 months ago

Lina replied

Pina came to Maa with such enthusiasm a very optimistic lady ready to do what ever was needed to help care for our animals.-She took instruction well and adapted well, when working alone or as part of a team.-Yes its hard work yes its dirty work but Pina worked well through this too, always with a smile we appreciate this kind of energy around our animals and team.

Her commitment was second to none in general a great all round worker with a lot of love to to give to our animals and team mates alike.

We look forward to her return in the future.

Thank you for leaving us a review Pina.

United Kingdom


The organization is an amazing and inspiring charity. It's undoubtedly hard and draining work but that is clearly communicated in advance and it's extremely rewarding. All of the staff and volunteers are incredible, I felt so welcome and it was so special to be living with volunteers and locals at the staff house. It's dirty work but definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks MAA for such a special experience!

3 months ago

Lina replied

Arrived at Maa with an open mind to what was excepted of him in regards to the work we do when caring for our animals.-This served him well and us.

He took instruction well and completed tasks well when working alone or as part of a team.-He is punctual with timing, his caring manner and dedication to the job was second to none.

He was never afraid of hard work getting dirty or asking for direction, all great qualities to have when working with us at Maa.

In general a great all round worker with a lot of love to give.

Thank you Jacob for leaving us a great review, we look forward to welcoming you again in the future.



I enjoyed my stay that much that I'm still here. But it's definitely not for everyone. The work is hard, it's exhausting, physically as well as mentally. But if you love animals, if their joy and happiness is yours, it's all worth it. Then it's truly fulfilling. Besides the animals, it's also the people that made me stay here. I've gotten to know so many amazing persons, that will forever have a place in my heart. <3 Alva

4 months ago

Lina replied

Alva has been an inspiring team member, she has been been fully committed to helping the cause at Maa.- She's kind compassionate and very aware of what the job entails, she's happy in her work even when it becomes heart breaking at times.- She works well in a team and alone a great attribute to have, under pressure she just gets on with the job.

The work at Maa can be hard at times, she welcomes that and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty.-In general a great worker with a lot of love to give to the animals and her team mates.

Alva decided to stay longer with us and we couldn't be happier with her decision, she is a valued member of our great team at Maa.



First time ever in the organization - an what an experience of a lifetime! MAA is a true representative of heroes without cape - the amount of work & care for the animals is outstanding. Conditions aren't always the best but the whole team makes it happen daily. From cleaning duties, feeding, healthcare - it is very hard work. But the outcome - the animals, the appreciation… it is worth every single sweat drop! They have different locations for the shelters - I got to experience 3 different locations and actually fell in love w a cat, which is now in process of adoption to come with me to London!

4 months ago

Lina replied

Margarida was a breath of fresh air.

Her easy going manner and enthusiasm for the cause was second to none.-A very caring person dedicated to helping animals In need was clearly high on her list of priorities.
She was a hard worker and adapted easily to different positions in this role as an animal carer with Maa.-A valued member of our team, worked well in a team or alone showing an enormous amount of love and commitment to Maa.-Never afraid to get involved in the most emotional parts of the job and also not afraid to get her hands dirty.

In general a great attribute to the cause we look forward to her return in the future.

Thank you for leaving us a review Margarida.

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