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Farm El Carmen de Chucuri, Colombia

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Are you brave enough? Come see our amazing nature in the Colombian Andes!

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Hours per week
Help out and collaborate with your host only a few hours per week.
Help grow plants and cultivate gardens
Take, edit and provide amazing photos.
Teaching Languages
Teach a language to guests or local communities.
Plant crops, sow seeds and help in outside tasks.
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Days off per week
Have some time off for yourself, go explore the city or rest for a while.
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The Experience

Enjoy our nature, where you can find peace and nature sounds, around of rivers, mountains, where you can appreciate the Colombian Andes with a vegetation like in the Amazons, with huge trees complete green all year, every year, surrounded of birds with many colors and a lot of wild animales (of course, no dangerous). This area is famous in Colombia for our cocoa beans, used for chocolate makers to make the most delicious chocolates.

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Additional Fee Required

Los voluntarios aportaran US $ 8 al día, por persona; US $4 para ayudar a cubrir gastos de comida y US $4 para ayudar a cubrir gastos de mantenimiento del alojamiento. Esto comenzara a regir a las aplicaciones que lleguen después del 1 de Enero de 2021.


  • Intermediate English and Intermediate Spanish
  • Between 18 and 50 years old
  • Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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Stay at least
2 weeks
Stay up to
4 weeks

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24 Reviews


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Learning & Fun


How this experience will transform you

2 Learning about sustainability

1 Meeting locals

1 Get in touch with nature

1 Immersing in the local culture



Miguel and Clara's familly welcomed us very well ! :)
It was a great sharing culture and learning a lot about cacao farm and chocolate manufacturing !
I clearly recommend you to try this awesome experience ! :)

20 days ago



These two weeks have been a great experience with Miguel and his welcoming family with whom we shared amazing moments and many cultural exchanges around chocolate of course, but also food and games !

21 days ago



I had a wonderful time at Bosques de Cacao Yariguies! Miguel and his family are very caring and wonderful people. Miguel taught me a lot about cacao and how to work with it, as well as teaching me more about Colombia and its relationship with cacao. The food is great (you get 4 meals a day) and the farm is a wonderful place if you are looking for some time away from society. Plus, I got to eat a lot of one of the best chocolate in the world!

over 4 years ago



This has been such an amazing experience. The people are so welcoming and kind, they'll make you feel as a part of their family and will teach you about the cocoa process. The place is beautiful, perfect if you're looking for a getaway. The nature here is so pretty, you can swim in the river just by yourself and enjoy being surrounded by trees and gorgeous vegetation. It's a place for brave people though. Be ready for some hard work which involves farm animals and physical activity, but also for peaceful life away from everything. You should expect a long trip as well. Bring tons of bug spray!

almost 5 years ago



I had a great week at Bosques de Cacao Yariguies. It's a very remote farm surrounded by lush beauty. I learned to harvest cacao and make chocolate bars. The host family was very kind and served delicious Colombian meals. Would recommend :)

almost 5 years ago

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Hosted by Miguel A.

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