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Aloha! Thank you for considering our Farm for your work-traveling experience!

The farm is located in Puna on an Island of Hawai’i, otherwise known as Big Island, on the south east side. We are 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away from a small, quirky & very hippyish town of Pahoa and about 30 min drive away from a beautiful black sand beach & about 45 min drive to salt-water hot ponds. (We are about an hour drive from Hilo and 2.5 hours drive from Kona.) Pahoa has a community center with free pool, shops, restaurants, bus stops etc. Walking or hitchhiking is the primary mode of transportation around here. However, we do have some bicycles you can borrow. 🚲

Our farmland used to be an orchard and sugar cane plantation earlier in the day but had been sitting neglected and overgrown for a while before we got it. Right now we are on the journey of bringing it back and building an off-grid, eco-friendly homesteading paradise, filled with gardens, orchards, beautiful relaxing spaces and with a good assortment of farm animals and pets roaming around❣️🤩 However, we are just starting and don’t have much of our own produce yet, but slowly and surely we are starting to pick the fruits of our labor and harvest small amounts of the food we produce. We hope you will help us to get our food production figured faster! 🥳 We have bunch of chickens and a little bit of ducks. We have 11 cats and 2 dogs. …and we do hope you don’t have allergies! 😬

Majority of the work at our place involves battling the jungle from taking over: mowing & maintaining the cleared area and clearing the new spaces, gardening, helping around the house, and helping with our animals, also brewing, jamming & making herbal teas and hot sauces. We also have construction projects small & large: raised beds, trellises, chicken coops & facilities, farm structures, etc. that we could use some help with, provided there are skills and the desire to do and learn.

There is also no Internet on the farm, so you will have to rely on your cell signal which depending on your carrier may not be great. Cell towers are in town, so the reception is great there and there is a free WiFi in the town mall.

We are looking for mature, hard-working, independent individuals with a solid work ethic to come and help us to make the paradise a reality! 😁

We are Will and Lana, homesteaders and the stewards of the land. A little bit about us: Will is from Asia & Lana from Europe. We are liberal, open, progressive, environmentally conscious, and care about many social issues. Living self-sustainably off-grid is our dream and it’s …coming, coming coming… true! 😆 We don’t like to sit still! We enjoy the trips to the beach & hot ponds, camping & hiking, horseback riding, biking and other activities. At home we love to veg out, listen to music, play games, watch movies, go for walks and do other fun and relaxing things. We enjoy good conversations and debates and love to listen and to be exposed to many unique positions and perspectives that differ from ours. We go an extra mile trying when it comes to the food quality and sustainability, not only choosing local & organic as much as possible but also using non-toxic, biodegradable products around the house and the farm. We like to cook and share meals together. We love trying & learning new things, so don’t be shy to share your favorite dishes with us! 😉 The human connection is important to us, and we doing this not only to get help, but also to make friends, connections and learn from each other. We treat our volunteers as family and it is very important to us that everyone has a great experience. We try to take our work-traders on trips to see the island as a ‘Thank you!’ for the excellent work. 😉

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It was the best decision to start volunteering like this, Will and Lana are very nice, they always explain everything and try to make you feel good about the tasks and the hours are super flexible, any problem or question you can always talk to them. The truth is that it is an experience that is out of your comfort zone, so if you dare, keep in mind that it will be challenges, nothing extraordinary but they will be different, you will have to adapt to the farm and everything that entails living in someone else's house without your comforts. I would definitely do it again.

11 days ago

United States


My month with Wil and Lana was such an amazing experience!! I learned so much about cooking, working in the fields, and the local community. Wil and Lana are exceptionally kind and welcoming people and I felt at home and cared for from the first day :) I will miss the yummy food and farmers market beach days!! Thank you both for opening your home and lives to me and the other volunteers❤️

20 days ago

United States


This experience was everything I could have hoped for and so much more. Will and Lana are fantastic hosts who connect you with the community and ensure you are comfortable and happy. This experience has been eye opening and I encourage all who are eager to learn about sustainability and practice sustainable living to apply.

3 months ago



As a first time work trader, I didn’t know what to look for in a volunteer opportunity. At first upon arrival I felt nervous, but settled in and became comfortable within the first couple of days. Will and Lana are very kind, patient, and flexible people. If you don’t want anything super structured, this is the farm for you. They provide a safe space to feel comfortable communicating anything with them if need be. I recommend this for open minded people looking for a flexible, more rugged style opportunity.

3 months ago



A truly fortunate experience, Lana and Wil are loving people and very welcoming. They’re very caring and patient people and they have a strong value of communication- very approachable hosts too. Work can be hard sometimes with the heat or rain but it’s very manageable, the work environment is also very flexible which is great. You will never go hungry and wake up to roosters in the morning (or at 2:30). This was the perfect place to connect with nature and slow your rhythm, get to know new people and yourself. I kept an open mind, open heart and had a wonderful time, I am so grateful.

3 months ago

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