Tolne Gjæstgivergaard

Volunteers who have been here like the atmosphere and surroundings of our place, making a difference for our project, being in contact with many different people and cultures, and the sense of connection that they have with us.

Everybody who comes here is different, and a new opportunity to learn and grow with the volunteers who are here. It's a priority for us to invest in and take care of our volunteers and staff, as well as our customers. We especially value hard working, original, responsible and unique volunteers.


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It was a beautiful experience living in the middle of a forest, taking care of the family animals and eating such good quality food. It’s a great option if you want to have a break from the city, Gregory’s family feels like a home.

28 days ago



If you are looking for a volunteer where you can be an a good enviorment, contact with the family, great meals, work to do, Lear about pottery, life and contact with the nature this is it
Gregory & Janne are very welcoming, you can meet this wonderful family. The cats, dogs and chickes will be your family too :) I have an amaizing experience of culturale exchange where they trust in me and I am really greatful for that. For me everything was really amaizing, maybe is good to ask more about your free time during the day,you r not going to regret, be flexible and learn

about 2 months ago

United States


Gregory and Janne were lovely people and very quickly made me feel as if I was a part of their home. It's a very familial environment, with their kids running around and big family dinners every night. The work I did almost felt almost as if I was simply contributing to the home I was staying at, which was nice to be a part of. They both have ample stories to share, good food to cook, and lots of things they're happy to teach you. Sustainability is very important, and it's likely you'll be doing work that contributes to the sustainability of their home and business.

about 2 months ago



Estar en Tolne es estar en un cuento, la naturaleza es impactante y el bosque es el lugar perfecto para relajarse, tomar aire y escuchar los sonidos de los animales.

La familia es increíble, nos acogieron desde el primer día, nos enseñaron sobre su forma de vida y compartir con ellos fue una muy bonita experiencias. Y lo mejor: la comida es de otro mundo!

De este voluntariado solo me llevo los mejores recuerdos y enseñanzas para la vida.

Muchas gracias a todos por recibirme y los espero en Colombia ! :)

about 2 months ago



La familia es muy amable nunca tuve ningún promblema con ellos solo algunos choques culturales pero es normal gregory y jene fueron muy comprensivos cuando enfermé y me dijero que no tenía que trabajar además durante toda mi estadía cada día era especial. Les enseñe sobre mi cultura y cocina y les gusto mucho y ellos me enseñaron mucho sobre la alfarería trabajo en equipo y muchas cosas más en definitiva creo que es un lugar perfecto para todos los packers
Gregory jane Thank you for all, you got your house in Mexico and see you next year!!

3 months ago

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