How can the Worldpackers Support team help me?

Find out how our Support Team can help you before, during and after your trip with Worldpackers.



We know that preparing for a trip is not easy.

So, we have a Support Team at Worldpackers that is completely qualified to help you when needed.

If something doesn't go the way you've expected during your experience, you can get in contact with us through one of our support channels.

You can send us an email or a message via Facebook. Our Verified Members also have access to an exclusive internal chat feature through the Worldpackers platform.

It's also important that you know that we work in the time zone of Brazil, so please keep that in mind as you wait for our response.

Additionally, our contact channels don't work as an automatic online chat. We give individual, personalized attention to each message received. Don't worry, we will respond as soon as possible.

If your host did something that wasn't cool and you don't want to continue your placement there, no worries.

If they are entirely at fault, Worldpackers will give you three nights stay somewhere in the area and afterwards we'll help you find a new hostel to stay in.

To access your Worldpackers insurance, send an email to our team ([email protected]) reporting the problem at hand and we will analyze if insurance coverage is applicable towards your case.

Nothing should prevent us from traveling the world.

And there you have it. Let's travel!

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