10 cheap Spring Break trips for students on a budget

With spring quickly approaching, students are turning their minds and stingy budgets towards spring break. Read on for a list of 10 cheap spring break ideas.



Mar 29, 2020


cheap spring break trips

Say the words "spring break" and you'll conjure up images of crazy beach parties and road trips with friends. You'll also probably think about the big price tag that often comes with those quintessentially "college" experiences.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Spring break, like any kind of travel, is what you make of it. If you'd like to keep your expenses low and your experience life-changing, you've arrived at the right article.

Work exchange programs like Worldpackers allow students to find free or cheap accommodation in amazing locations, in exchange for just a couple of hours of work every day. You'll be having an adventure you never want to forget, instead of a week of experiences you'd rather not relive.

If the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture, meet like-minded travelers, and see the world on a dime sounds like your idea of an epic spring break, keep reading for 10 cheap spring break trips for college kids.

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10 cheap spring break destinations

1. Charleston, South Carolina

Cheap spring break trips in the US: Charleston, SC

If warm breezes, slow southern drawls, and sweet tea sound like your idea of a relaxing spring break, give this growing Southern destination a chance. Charleston offers all of the relaxation and warmth of a traditional spring break destination, but with a fun foodie scene and some cultural charm mixed in.

This opportunity with Worldpackers lets you live and help at a historic family-run hostel.

2. Southern Utah

Best spring break trips in the US: Utah

Alright, I'll admit. There isn't a beach in sight in Southern Utah. That said, you can fill your days with invigorating hikes, epic rock climbing adventures, and one of the best road trips the US has to offer.

Join the team at this top Worldpackers work exchange opportunity, and you'll be helping to welcome visitors from all around the world to some of the most beautiful national parks in the country. 

3. Los Angeles, California

Spring break destinations in the US: Los Angeles, CA

I know, I know. You read LA and you see dollar signs, but this area is ripe for creative traveling. If you've got photography or videography experience, consider putting your talent to work where it's most appreciated.

This opportunity in Los Angeles' Hermosa Beach neighborhood, let's you live the dream of an oceanside life for a while. I actually lived just blocks from this happening hostel for a year, so I can vouch for the laid back neighborhood, friendly locals, and surf perfect for beginners.

4. Hawaii

Best spring break destinations in the US: Hawaii

Cheap and Hawaii don't typically belong in the same sentence, but there are work exchange opportunities available that might offset the cost and provide an amazing travel experience for your upcoming spring break trip.

This opportunity on Hawaii's big island offers great hiking, volcanoes, beaches, and a rainforest in your backyard. Help to run this island paradise and you'll get to experience it all.

5. Austin, Texas

Spring break trips in the US: Austin, TX

Want a little more country in your life? Head to vibrant Austin, Texas for live music, mouthwatering tacos, and good weather.

For just a couple hours of work a few days a week, you'll be able to explore this fun city without worrying about your budget if you join this Worldpackers team in Austin. 

6. Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Cheap vacation spots for spring break: Colorado Springs, CO

If you're more of a mountain man/mama than a beach bum, consider Colorado Springs as an alternative and relatively cheap spring break destination

Join this rad team and help with light housekeeping around a hostel, all while enjoying the mountains at your doorstep. 

7. Miami, Florida

Best spring break destinations in the US: Miami, FL

Betcha didn't know Miami could be a budget-friendly spring break destination, did you? 

If you're handy and helpful, you could help restore a home while you enjoy the Miami sunshine. If you're musically inclined, you could even join the entertainment at this saloon-style place in the Miami area. 

8. San Diego, California 

Cheap spring break trips in the US: San Diego, CA

Just a few hours south of LA, San Diego is a more affordable, more relaxing destination for a cheap spring break trip. If you're interested in life on the water, consider helping as a handyman on this sailing boat.

Cheap spring break international trips

9. Mexico

Cheap spring break trips for college students: Mexico

You hear "resort in Mexico" and you probably don't think "cheap vacation spots." But with plenty of international flights from the US daily, Mexico is one of the great cheap spring break international trips to explore.

When you're on the ground, the cost of all-inclusive resorts and excursions can be daunting. With Worldpackers, you can reduce those costs dramatically.

Take this opportunity in Cozumel or this one in Sayulita. Enjoy the beaches and resort town atmosphere and help out a bit on the side.

You could also see the more authentic side of Mexico if you choose to skip out on resort life. This eco opportunity would let you see Mexico's unique underground cave cenotes up close and personal. 

10. Ireland

Cheap spring break international trips: Ireland

While you certainly won't be working on your tan while on a cheap spring break trip to Ireland, you could have a really interesting cultural exchange (and a few pints of Guinness while you're there). With budget airlines flying to Dublin often, getting to Ireland can be easier than you think. 

Once you're there, consider helping out a family in an old Irish country house or help at this remote B&B for an authentic Irish experience. 

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