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Top 10 cheap vacations for adventurous couples

Want to travel cheaply as a couple? Here are some ideas for cheap countries to visit and Worldpackers work exchanges that make traveling as a couple easy, fun, and affordable!



When planning a vacation, lots of couples may imagine something that is luxurious, relaxing, and above all, costly. These types of vacations are something to dream about, and there is nothing wrong with splurging on an amazing getaway.

However, a lot of people can’t afford luxury vacations. Even if you can afford it, but you’re trying to save money, there are lots of cheap vacation destinations for couples that don’t break the bank.

In this article, I’ll talk about some of the best vacation spots for young couples on a budget. There are lots of stunning countries and areas around the world where you can enjoy yourself without having to book expensive hotels or pay thousands of dollars for tours.

These cheap vacations spots for couples are easy to explore on a budget. For many of these places, there are also Worldpackers volunteer opportunities available. Volunteering as a couple is a super fun experience. You get to immerse yourselves in a new culture, make new friends, and learn cool skills, all alongside your favorite person.

Though a volunteering trip may not be the most common type of vacation for couples, it is an enriching experience that will potentially bring you closer together while introducing you to interesting businesses and cultures around the world.

So from the beaches of Southeast Asia, to the Caribbean Islands, to Europe, Africa, and Central America, here are 10 cheap vacation ideas for couples!

Top 10 cheap vacations for couples

  1. Live in Croatia for a while with your partner
  2. Do a work exchange and save a lot in your trip to Philippines
  3. Have a romantic affordable vacation in Mexico
  4. Fall in love in and with Jamaica
  5. Plan your romantic trip to Morocco with little money
  6. Invite your partner to an unforgettable trip to Thailand
  7. Have a life-changing couple vacation in Puerto Rico
  8. Go on an unique trip to Indonesia
  9. Have a romantic getaway in Portugal
  10. Consider a trip to Costa Rica, an amazing destination for couples

1. Live in Croatia for a while with your partner 

Located in Eastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a stunning country to visit. It has lots of national parks, waterfalls, historic towns, beaches, and more. This Balkan country is also one of the best cheap vacations for couples. Spend your days hiking, swimming, and taking boat trips to nearby islands.

Food, hostels, and public transport are all cheap in Croatia. To further save money, there are lots of fun work exchanges you could try with your partner. For a fun, social vibe you can work in a hostel in Zagreb or Dubrovnik. Or for a more remote and peaceful experience, you can help take care of local dogs on a beautiful rural property.

2. Do a work exchange and save a lot in your trip to Philippines

The Philippines is another one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget. Flights into the Philippines will most likely be your biggest expense. Hostels are affordable, street food is delicious and cheap, and fun tours and activities are also reasonably priced. 

Go snorkeling or scuba diving in the colorful reefs, or go hiking in the jungle. And be sure to spend lots of time island hopping and just relaxing on the pristine beaches.

For a more unique experience in the Philippines, consider volunteering at a Rejuvenation Sanctuary by the sea. Many couples pay top dollar for an experience like this. But by actually working at the sanctuary, you can learn, teach, and volunteer your time to help better the business. 

You’ll work 6 hours per day in exchange for free accommodation, and enjoy the sanctuary and nature in your free time.

3. Have a romantic affordable vacation in Mexico

Mexico is an amazing country to visit on a budget. Especially if you’re traveling from the USA, you can find flights into Mexico for less than 100 USD. So for couples looking to travel on a budget, Mexico is a close, fun and an affordable destination.

With a massive coastline and so many interesting towns, cities, and ancient ruins, Mexico has something for everyone. Surf the waves and chill out in a beach hostel. If you speak a little Spanish, you can even be part of the staff in some of them with a volunteering experience perfect for adventurous couples!  

Explore famous Mayan ruins and see historic sights. Party in Cancun or Tulum with other backpackers and have the time of your life. Whatever you choose to do in Mexico, you’re sure to be blessed with an unforgettable experience.

4. Fall in love in and with Jamaica

Because Jamaica is a tropical Caribbean Island, it is common to associate it with all-inclusive resorts that cost a fortune. You can find these on the island, but if you consider following some budget travel tips and working for your accommodation, Jamaica can actually be one of the best cheap vacation spots for couples.

Jamaica has exciting nightlife, palm-fringed beaches, delicious local food, and friendly locals. A great way to meet locals is doing a work exchange, such as helping with website design in Montego Bay or volunteering at a guest house in Falmouth Beach. Both are some of the best areas to visit in Jamaica, so consider doing a work exchange with your partner and experiencing Jamaica in a new and fulfilling way.

5. Plan your romantic trip to Morocco with little money

From the Atlas Mountains, to the Sahara Desert, to the beaches full of pumping surf waves, Morocco is a very diverse country. Visit the Blue City of Chefchaouen, explore the world’s oldest Medina in Fes, and drink mint tea in Marrakech. Wherever you go, Morocco is a roller coaster for the senses.

You can travel around Morocco cheaply if you take public transport, avoid tourist traps, and stay in hostels. Touristy places like Marrakech have lots of cheap hostels, and there are plenty of Worldpackers volunteering opportunities around Morocco as well. 

From an animal sanctuary in the windy coastal city of Essaouira, to a beautiful hostel in Marrakech, to an eco-program in the Sahara Desert, there are lots of cool volunteering opportunities for couples to experience together in Morocco.

6. Invite your partner to an unforgettable trip to Thailand

Thailand is definitely one of the best vacation spots for young couples on a budget. From the USA, it’s a pretty long flight. But it is possible to find affordable airfare during the off-season or with budget airlines. 

Once you arrive, Thailand is a budget traveler’s dream. Food, transport, accommodation, tours, and everything else is cheap in Thailand.

You can party, explore nature, island-hop, hike, visit Buddhist temples, take a Thai cooking class, see live entertainment, and more. And you can do it all on a budget. 

You can even splurge on a nice hotel in Thailand and it will still be very cheap! But if you prefer an immersive experience in local culture, check out volunteer opportunities in Thailand in Bangkok like this cool hostel offering a receptionist position for couples.

7. Have a life-changing couple vacation in Puerto Rico

This gorgeous island off the coast of southeastern USA is the perfect cheap vacation for couples. It is close to the USA, so you can find short, cheap flights. It is also very tourist-friendly, with lots of amenities available. 

Explore the ruins near the Old Town of San Juan, or immerse yourself in the rich greenery of the El Yunque Rainforest. Swim, surf, snorkel, and explore. Puerto Rico is a gem of the Caribbean.

For a more unique experience in Puerto Rico, there are some super cool Worldpackers work exchanges available for couples traveling on a budget. Volunteer at a permaculture project to learn about sustainability, or help make coffee and chocolate on an eco-farm. Puerto Rico has lots of eco-friendly work exchanges that suit couples who want a sustainable and affordable experience.

8. Go on an unique trip to Indonesia

In addition to Thailand and the Philippines, Indonesia is one of the best cheap vacation ideas for couples in Asia. With over 17,000 islands, this country has no shortage of fun things to do on a vacation. Dabble in the flavorful local street food, catch cheap local boats between islands, and get to know the locals.

Visit the most touristy islands like Bali, Java, and Lombok, because they are touristy for a reason. Or get off the beaten path and explore quieter islands like Kanawa, Komodo, Sumba, and the Kei Islands. 

For an enriching experience, consider teaching English with your partner. There are lots of teaching opportunities in Indonesia through Worldpackers, so that could be a cool experience to have together!

9. Have a romantic getaway in Portugal

If you’re looking for cheap vacation ideas for couples in Europe, Portugal is a great place to go. Less expensive than countries like Spain, France, or Germany, Portugal is a diverse and stunning European country to visit

From the green vineyards of the north, to the breathtaking cliffs and beaches of the south, to the incredible cities and small local towns, Portugal has so much to offer.

It’s also very easy to visit Portugal on a budget. Hostels are a bit on the pricey side, but you can always volunteer in a hostel to cut accommodation costs. 

There are also plenty of homestays, eco programs, and surf resort positions available on Worldpackers. But even if you’re just traveling around the country, local trains and buses are affordable. 

You can also shop at street markets, eat and drink at local places rather than tourist traps, and take advantage of free activities to further enjoy Portugal on a budget.

10. Consider a trip to Costa Rica, an amazing destination for couples

Costa Rica is actually one of the more expensive countries in Central America. For example, it is a bit pricier than Honduras, El Salvador, or Nicaragua. However, compared to other more expensive destinations. Costa Rica is one of the best and most accessible cheap vacations for couples.

You can explore the rainforest, surf the waves, see the wildlife, hike the volcanoes, and enjoy the heartwarming local culture without spending much money. 

Hostels are cheap, much of the nature and attractions are free to explore, and flights to Costa Rica from the USA can be under 100 USD. To save money on accommodation in Costa Rica, there is a long list of volunteer opportunities

Permaculture and eco-friendly businesses are super popular here, as the respect and preservation of nature and wildlife are very important to Costa Ricans. So consider trying an eco-friendly work exchange while visiting Costa Rica!

Did you see how many affordable countries there are to visit as a couple? So don’t waste time, sign up for free at Worldpackers and start exploring these and other destinations as often as you want!

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