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How to find the perfect travel partners: tips & tricks

Find your perfect travel partners with our guide on choosing companions, planning ahead, and ensuring a safe, unforgettable journey together.


Travel partners

Finding the perfect travel partner can significantly enhance your journey, offering companionship and shared experiences that create lasting memories. Before you embark on your journey, it is important to carefully consider and plan who will be the best travel partner for you. In this article, we will delve into tips for selecting the best travel partners who complement your personality and interests.

As we explore various ways of finding travel companions online through social media platforms and dedicated websites, you'll learn how to build a strong partnership with fellow solo travelers. We will also discuss crucial aspects such as planning ahead for smooth coordination between both parties during the trip.

Lastly, safety considerations and precautions are paramount when traveling with someone new; therefore, we will provide valuable insights on ensuring a secure experience while discovering exciting destinations together. So embark on this informative journey with us as we guide you towards creating unforgettable memories with like-minded travel partners.

Two smiling girls walking through an alley in Europe

3 Tips for choosing the best travel partners

Traveling with a compatible partner can make your journey more enjoyable and memorable. To ensure a successful journey, it is essential to discuss and agree on travel goals, preferences, and expectations. This involves communicating openly about your interests, budgets, and travel styles.

1. Define your travel goals

To begin with, discuss what you want to achieve during your trip. Are you looking for adventure or relaxation? Do you prefer cultural experiences or exploring nature?

By understanding each other's goals, you can create an itinerary that caters to both of your interests.

2. Determine your budgets

Budget is often a significant factor when traveling. Discuss the sum of money each individual is willing to allocate for lodgings, nourishment, transport and activities.

Establishing a budget range will help avoid conflicts later on in the planning process.

Keep reading: A beginner's guide on how to plan your travel budget.

3. Discuss travel styles

Everyone has their own unique way of traveling - some may enjoy luxury hotels while others are content with hostels and backpacking style of travel; some might prefer guided tours whereas others like going off-the-beaten-path independently.

Discuss these preferences upfront so there are no surprises once on the road together.

Travel partners chatting outside their travel van

How to find travel partners online

Uncovering the optimal travel buddy can alter your voyage for the better. With so many people sharing their wanderlust on social media, it's easier than ever to connect with like-minded travelers who share your interests and goals. 

In this section, we'll explore some popular platforms and online communities where you can find potential travel companions:


Worldpackers is a platform that connects travelers with volunteer opportunities around the globe.

As a member of Worldpackers, you'll have access to an extensive network of fellow adventurers who are also looking for meaningful experiences while traveling. You might just find someone who shares your passion for making a positive impact on the world.

Read some experiences of fellow travelers using Worldpackers: "My experience teaching English in Argentina for 2 months" and "How I had the best volunteering experience in Ecuador"

Travel Buddies

If you're specifically searching for someone to join you on your next adventure, Travel Buddies could be an excellent resource.

This website allows users to create profiles detailing their upcoming trips and preferred travel styles, making it easy for potential partners to see if they'd be compatible companions.


Couchsurfing, known primarily as a homestay network connecting travelers with locals offering free accommodation, also features groups dedicated to finding travel partners.

Join one of these groups or post about your plans in relevant city-specific forums - there's always someone eager to explore new places together.


A resource for backpackers and gap year travelers, offering forums where users can find travel partners or get advice on their journeys.

Tips for using online platforms:

  • Create detailed profiles: Be honest about yourself and what kind of trip you're planning. Constructing comprehensive profiles that accurately reflect who you are and the type of trip you're seeking can help to attract people with similar interests and travel styles.
  • Communicate openly: When reaching out to potential partners, be clear about your expectations and preferences. Ask questions to get a better understanding of their personality and traveling habits.
  • Look for verified users: Many platforms offer verification systems that can provide an added layer of security when connecting with strangers online. Look for profiles with positive reviews or badges indicating they've been vetted by the platform's team.

Take the time to find a compatible travel companion, as this can lead to an enriching experience. Don't forget to stay open-minded - sometimes, the best travel companions are those who challenge us in new ways.

Travel partners with surfboards on a beach

Connecting with other travelers through Worldpackers 

As mentioned, Worldpackers is a platform that allows you to volunteer in more than 140 countries. As a volunteer, you will collaborate for a few hours a day on different local projects receiveng accommodation in return for your help.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet people on the road and find travel partners, as in most cases there are other volunteers from around the world, as well as local hosts who will make you understand more about the local culture.

The best thing about this is that fellow volunteers will have similar interests to yours, making it easier to build a relationship. For example, if you are interested in volunteering in eco villages, NGOs, non-profit schools, holistic centers, or even hostels, you will meet people who are in tune with your values. 

It will be much more natural to have a travel partner with whom you shared several stories during your volunteering and spent some time living together.

Learn more about how Worldpackers works: How to volunteer abroad using Worldpackers and Traveling with Worldpackers: your top questions answered.

Big group of volunteers from a hostel

Building a strong travel partnership

A successful travel partnership requires clear communication, collaboration, and compromise during the planning phase.

Also, setting expectations is crucial for a strong travel partnership. When planning to travel with someone, discuss preferences, interests, and potential challenges. These are some tips that might help you while traveling with a partner:

Open communication

The foundation of any successful partnership is honesty. Be upfront about expectations and encourage your partner to do the same. Discuss budget, accommodations, activities, and personal habits.

This helps both parties make informed decisions throughout the journey.

Collaborative planning

Involve all partners in the planning process to ensure everyone's needs are met. Share ideas and be open-minded towards suggestions.

Collaborate on deciding which destinations to visit, accommodations to book, and activities to participate in. This ensures both parties have input into the journey's details. Compromise is key - find common ground on shared interests.

Establish expectations

Be upfront about what each person wants from the trip so that everyone's needs are met.

Resolving conflicts amicably

Conflicts can arise while traveling together. Address them constructively. Listen and empathize with your partner's perspective, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Maintaining a positive travel dynamic

A positive travel dynamic is essential for enjoying the journey. Be flexible, support each other, and celebrate shared experiences. Show appreciation, respect personal space, stay open-minded, and prioritize self-care.

Three girls posing for a selfie in a city lookout

Safety considerations and precautions

Traveling with a partner can be exciting and rewarding, but safety should always be a top priority. Here are some essential steps to take when choosing a travel partner:

Conduct basic background checks

Before deciding on a travel companion, it is prudent to conduct basic background checks for any criminal records or other warning signs that may be present.

Verify that no criminal records or other warning signs are present which could potentially endanger the journey. You can use Instant Checkmate, BeenVerified, or similar services to perform these checks.

Share emergency contact information

Exchange emergency contact information with your travel partner before leaving home. This includes phone numbers for family members or friends who can help in times of need, as well as details about any medical conditions either of you may have.

Create a shared document with important details

Some essential information that should be on your shared document, includes:

  • Name and contact information for each traveler's emergency contacts.
  • A list of medications taken by each person (if applicable).
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions (if applicable).
  • Contact information for the nearest embassy/consulate in the countries you'll visit (for international trips).

Practice personal safety measures together

To ensure both travelers' safety throughout the trip, discuss personal safety measures beforehand and practice them together. Some useful tips include:

  • Always share your location with each other using a GPS tracking app like Life360.
  • Avoid walking alone at night, especially in unfamiliar areas.
  • Keep valuable items hidden and secure while traveling (e.g., use money belts or hidden pockets).
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts if something feels off.

Discuss any worries or difficulties that come up while travelling together to make sure your journey is enjoyable and safe. Remember to communicate openly about any concerns or issues that arise during the trip so you can address them promptly and maintain a positive travel dynamic.

Boy and girl travel partners in a railway station with a map in hand pointing where to go

Choosing the right travel partner is crucial for a successful trip, so use online resources like Worldpackers, travel forums and social media groups to find someone who shares your interests and goals.

Building a strong relationship with your travel partner is key, so communicate openly and plan ahead to avoid any conflicts or surprises.

Don't forget about safety - share your itinerary with family and friends, stay in well-lit areas at night, and trust your instincts if something seems off.

With these tips, you'll be ready for an unforgettable adventure with your new travel buddy!

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