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Essential tips for traveling alone: advice from experience

Traveling alone is amazing, but can also be daunting when you're just starting. Prepare yourself with these essential tips on how to travel alone.


Aug 11, 2023


traveling alone

I've been traveling solo for over four years now and I've learned a lot about myself, the world and the many types of humans that you meet along the way. I can still remember the first time that I traveled alone and all the mistakes that I made. I now look back on that trip and the ones that followed and laugh at how naive I was. And one of the things I like the most is to help other people who are traveling alone for the first time.

Traveling alone: tips from an experienced solo traveler

I often tease my parents that they never should have let me leave home by myself... but these days, I have become quite the travel expert. I've been traveling alone in Asia, Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and all over Europe. I've visited over 55 countries, and more than half of them were trips that I took alone.

Traveling alone can be extremely daunting but it doesn't have to be scary. In this guide I will give you my top tips for traveling alone for the first time

We're going to go over picking the perfect destination, flying alone for the first time, safety concerns, and other essential things to ensure you have the most amazing first solo trip.

tips for traveling alone

5 reasons to start traveling alone

If you need some encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and start your solo travels, think of the benefits that you'll get from traveling alone. Here are some examples:

1. Boosting independence and self-reliance

2. Increasing cultural awareness

3. Gaining a new perspective on life

4. Improving your social skills

5. Fostering self-reflection and personal growth

Want more reasons to go explore the world by yourself? Read our full article with 5 benefits of traveling alone.

traveling alone for the first time

Where to travel alone for the first time

Not all cities, places, or countries are created equal for solo travelers! When considering where to go traveling alone for the first time, it's important to choose a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

So, how do you pick the perfect destination for your first time traveling alone?

1. Choose a country that is foreigner-friendly

For your first trip, I highly recommend traveling to a country that has a high tourism industry.

Countries with a higher tourism market are generally more used to foreigners. These countries also often have infrastructure and systems designed specifically for travelers, making them much easier to comfortably navigate and explore.

That also means you are going to stand out less. And the structure for buses, tours, hostels and everything else a solo traveler needs is already set in place. 

Plus, there will be other travelers to meet! It's always reassuring to know that traveling solo can be a social experience, and that you can make friends while traveling alone.

Ultimately, it's always up to you decide what kind of travel experience you are looking for and the type of trip that's right for you. If you decide to visit a country off-the-touristic-grid, you should know that getting around will likely be more difficult, and you might be one of a few foreigners the local people have seen in their lives! Traveling to countries with less tourism can be more challenging, but no less rewarding. 

solo travel

2. Consider the local language

What languages do you speak, and more importantly, what countries speak those languages? I only speak English and the first country that I landed down in by myself was Russia. Nothing was in English and no one would really speak to me in English.

After that I made an effort to pick countries around Europe where people spoke more English (until I felt comfortable enough to handle a language barrier anywhere).

Always consider the local language of your destination. If you pick a city in rural China for your first time traveling alone, and you don't speak any Chinese, then just trust me, it's not going to be an easy trip. I know that from personal experience traveling along in rural China, India, Egypt, Russia and more.

If you do choose to go somewhere English isn't the official language, learning a few basic phrases in the local language shows respect and helps bridge the cultural gap. Locals will appreciate your efforts, and it can lead to more meaningful interactions.

However, many people around the world speak English. When choosing a destination for traveling  alone, there are plenty of places you can go where English isn't the first language but you can still get along just fine. 

However, if it's your first time traveling alone and you feel more comfortable going somewhere where English is the mother tongue, that's perfectly understandable. It can relieve a lot of stress knowing the locals speak the same language as you!

The top countries I recommend for traveling alone include:

Want more ideas? Check out our article about the TOP 25 best places for a solo trip around the world.

Essential tips for traveling alone for the first time

1. Make a plan

advice for traveling alone

Once you know where you're going, you have to figure out how you are going to get there... and how you're going to get around once you've arrived.

Flying alone for the first time can be intimidating. You have to navigate the airport, security lines, and overwhelming feeling of panic and thrill that comes with landing in a new country with no idea of what to expect.

When you land, you might be bombarded with people offering you taxi rides or you might find yourself at a train station with signs in four different languages (none of which you speak).

This is why when I'm giving tips on how to travel alone, I always stress the fact that it's important to make a plan in advance.

There are never-ending forms of transportation and nothing is stopping you from going anywhere in the world, you just have to figure out how. Rome2Rio is a great website that shows you the various forms of transportation available to make your journey happen, including the travel time it will take depending on which you choose. 

Do a bit of research in advance and create a rough outline of what your trip will entail. If you're going to travel alone for the first time, it's always best to have a general idea of how you'll get from Point A to Point B during your trip. 

And if it's your first time flying, do some research on how airports, security and immigration work, just so you feel more confident. 

However, remember that the beauty of traveling alone lies in the freedom to change your plans spontaneously. Embrace serendipity and allow yourself to wander off the beaten path – you might discover hidden gems you'd never find in a guidebook.

2. Take extra measures to prepare yourself

traveling solo

In addition to researching ahead of time and making a plan, why not take extra measures to prepare yourself? Taking additional steps to ensure that you are safe and comfortable will help you avoid unnecessary stress and ease your overall travel experience.

Always buy travelers insurance before you leave. Your local insurance at home will not cover you when you are traveling overseas. Travelers insurance covers theft as well as injury abroad. Of course, no one plans on getting injured or robbed, but it's better to be safe than sorry — especially when you are traveling alone for the first time! 

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If you've decided to book hotels, hostels or other accommodation in advance, read reviews. If you've decided to leave room in your schedule for spontaneity and book places on the fly, read reviews! Give yourself the security of knowing that the place you're staying in comes recommended by other travelers.

3. Pack light

pack light

Before I started traveling alone, I was a major over-packer. When my family would take vacations I would bring a month's worth of clothes instead of a week's worth. Once I began traveling alone and backpacking a lot more, I realized that lugging around a bunch of suitcases by yourself is not easy. 

I now travel with a minimalist mindset and only pack the bare basics. Even still, I bring too much and end up donating things along the way!

Whether considering what to pack for long term travel or a short vacation alone, packing light and only taking what you need is going to help you feel a lot more comfortable on your first trip alone. Minimalism makes it easier to navigate new places and keeps your belongings secure.

I recommend choosing a travel backpack or small, functional bag that makes it easy to organize and keep track of your belongings. 

For example, when I take overnight trains and buses, my bag is so small that it can sit with me, meaning it doesn't have to go under the bus or in the luggage compartment on the train. It's easy for me to grab and haul around, and I never get tired carrying it.

Check out the Worldpackers minimalist packing list for extra inspiration on how to travel light!

4. Stay connected

stay connected when traveling alone

While solo travel encourages independence, it's wise to keep in touch with friends and family back home. No matter where you go in the world, stay connected and always let someone know where you are

To this day, whenever I land in a new country I get a local SIM card at the airport. This makes it so much easier to navigate and feel comfortable in a new city or country. With a local SIM card you can easily book an Uber or Lyft, find your way on public transportation or use Google Maps and walk to your accommodation. 

Data in foreign countries (read: outside of the US) tends to be very affordable, and in most cities around the world, you can have a local SIM working before you even leave the airport! Investing in a SIM card will help you so much throughout your trip and save you from you from the inevitable mountains of anxiety that can come from being lost, alone, and/or hungry.

My first time traveling alone I had no data, no idea how to read a map and didn't know left from right, let alone north from south. I once got off a bus in Milan at the wrong stop and ended up walking for over three hours in the hot sun before finally finding a police officer who was kind enough to help me get where I was going. This same scenario played out on numerous occasions until I finally learned from my mistakes and made the decision to always buy data.

Another reason you should always travel with cellular data is to keep in touch with people back home and let someone know where you are. This is particularly important when traveling alone, and even more important when it comes to solo female travelI check in with my mom daily, even if it’s just to say, "Hello, I'm alive. Here's a picture of my face in front of a museum today". 

Staying connected and having access to being connected through a local SIM will ease your anxiety considerably and make your overall travel experience easier. 

To learn more about the best international SIM cards for travel and anything else related to first time and budget travel, check out Two Birds Breaking Free travel blog.

get a local SIM card

5. Socialize when you can

Solo travel offers valuable moments of reflection and self-discovery, and it's great to learn how to enjoy your own company. However, it's not because you're traveling alone that you need to stay alone.

Don't shy away from socializing with other travelers or locals when opportunities arise. Some of the most memorable experiences happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

If you choose to stay in social accommodations, you'll likely find travel buddies without making much of an effort. Hostels are excellent choices for solo travelers seeking to meet like-minded individuals. These places often host communal areas and social events, making it easy to connect with fellow travelers and forge meaningful friendships.

Also, don't spend all the time within the travelers' bubble. Interacting with locals can greatly enrich your travel experience. 

Engage in conversations with shopkeepers, street vendors, waiters and such to learn about their culture, traditions, and recommendations. Their insights might lead you to the most authentic experiences.

stay open for new friendships

6. Consider doing a work exchange

Participating in work exchanges or volunteer programs like those offered by Worldpackers is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture while ensuring a safe environment. 

These opportunities provide accommodation and often meals in exchange for your skills. That way, you can stay in safe accommodations that have been reviewed by previous volunteers, while you also save money, develop new skills, and form strong bonds with locals and fellow adventurers.

You'll find work exchange positions in several different kinds of hosts, from hostels and holistic centers to ecovillages and NGOs, all around the world. And there's also a variety of skills that you can help with, from welcoming guests or bartending to gardening or teaching yoga. 

Got interested? Read our articles about how to travel alone with Worldpackers.

doing a work exchange is perfect for traveling alone for the first time

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7. Trust your intuition

Your intuition is a powerful tool while traveling alone. If a situation feels uncomfortable or unsafe, listen to your gut feelings and remove yourself from it. Prioritize your well-being, even if it means declining an invitation or changing your plans.

Traveling solo will teach you to stay open and try new things, and also when to respect your boundaries. Go with your instinct and trust yourself — you've got this.

trust your instincts

Ready to start traveling alone?

Traveling alone is a life-changing adventure that empowers you to discover the world and yourself in ways you never imagined. Embrace the freedom, be open to new experiences, and remember that solo travel is not just about the places you visit, but the people you meet and the lessons you learn along the way.

If you follow these tips on traveling alone, you will have done everything you can do to ensure your safety and comfort on your trip. Now it's time to relax and enjoy the thrill and magic of travel. Happy travels!

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