Working on a farm: a guide on how and where to find opportunities

Have you ever wanted to venture into farm work? Follow this article more closely to find out how.


Jun 20, 2023


working on a farm

I remember when working on a farm was synonymous with the "unimaginable", especially for people from the city. Today, who hasn't heard that this type of work is very much in vogue. And how could it not?

Working on a farm has always been what it is today, waking up in the countryside, surrounded by fresh and natural air, going to the field to cut some fresh fruit for breakfast... but of course, it has its hardships too.

Well, if you also have that significant interest in experiencing what country life is, this is the right place, I will show you some of the things you can do, the importance it brings to our state of mind and the good things that can be produced if you undertake this kind of life. 

What I like about farm work is that there are farms all over the world. Any country you want to go to you can always find this activity and nowadays there are many options to participate in them.

Eco programs are also in high demand these days, as a lot of people wants to have the experience of doing something good for the planet.

Working on a farm, which generally always offers eco programs, is a great way to participate in these programs where you create, contribute, learn and reuse.

Nowadays organic farms are dominating because it is necessary to be more respectful in the way we cultivate and produce, try to go natural, and take care of our environment.

Organic farms are the most beautiful options to contribute to since they are the ones that demand more care, patience, and time. Find organic farms near you, or somewhere you've always wanted to go. 

Learn about rural tourism and its benefits in this article.

Why working on a farm is in high demand today?

Five volunteers working on a farm with mud

I think we all know that in recent years people have woken up a little more, and this awakening has made us opt for programs, lifestyles, and jobs that are more responsible for the environment and that allow us to have a quality of life human beings deserve.

As we all remember the recent pandemic because we are just coming out of it, we also remember when things were really tough and there were so many restrictions, many people had the desire to run away from home, especially if they live in a small apartment in the middle of the city.

We all went through this season of wanting freedom, of wanting to do new things after the monotonous life that COVID 19 left us. And many, including myself, saw the opportunity to work outdoors, get to know new places, learn new things, breathe fresh air, and have more space to move around and not be locked up.

Life in the countryside is much better, there is tranquility, natural resources that we can harvest to eat, and very fun and productive activities that we can do every day to run farms.

Besides, it is a great way to get to know many places as a traveler, since the farm owners have seen in the volunteers the potential to teach, share, receive help and continue to maintain their farms.

Now that our planet needs it more, jobs or volunteer opportunities are there to contribute to environmental decisions and better production. It is also great to change our habits and open our minds to more and new ways of living and feeding ourselves.

What kind of work is done on a farm?

Girl petting two ponys

Are you interested in working on a farm but don't feel capable of it? Don't worry, you may not be very informed about the thousands of activities and jobs that can be done on a farm.

You don't have to grow up there your whole life to learn how to take care of everything there, you just have to be willing to work, and actually do it.

Yes, it is very nice and satisfying to work this way, but it also takes work and effort, because the work is physical and constant, there are always things to do.  It is one of the most versatile jobs.

Take care of the animals

If you like animals this is your chance, you can feed them, give them a clean environment, and take care of their needs and their production. Believe me, after a while you get attached to them. 

Here's a fellow traveler telling you about 15 amazing Worldpacker's experiences to volunteering with animals if animals are your thing. 

Use your gardening skills

Two grils doing planting on a farm

The little or much you know about plants here you can improve it.

Sometimes the tasks are based on taking care of what is already planted in the field, or sometimes we have to plant it ourselves. Like planting seeds or flowers that will give life and fruits to the farm.

Imagine growing life and being able to eat some of what the rich soil produces.

Here are some experiences in which they need gardening for their farms.

Take care of daily household chores

If you think that heavy-duty is not your thing but you are still dying to live the experience, don't worry, there are always people looking for someone to help them with daily activities such as general cleaning, practical things and even cooking for everyone on the farm. So you can even test your cooking skills. 

Be a photographer, a teacher, a consultant...

Two muslim teachers with kids in a rural school

Who said there isn't everything on a farm?

Some farm volunteering positions are not only looking for farm-related help, but also for photographers, people who can support social programs that are sometimes carried out on the farm, like this animal sanctuary in Mexico, and people who can teach a language or any skill you can share with them. 

If after knowing all this you are not looking for your next job or volunteering, you are running late.

Working in this way allows you to place yourself in several positions, especially if you are encouraged to volunteer, farms open up many positions for volunteers who want to contribute. It is also amazing how many new tools or tricks you can learn after living the experiences.

How to work on a farm as a Worldpackers volunteer?

A man and two women sawing wood

Are you a traveler? do you work online? Then volunteering may be right up your alley!

Yes, with Worldpackers you can travel to the place that interests you the most and volunteer on a farm.

Just start researching for the best positions or subscribe if you haven't done it. This way, you learn many new things, work the hours of a volunteer and you are offered food and lodging on the farm itself in exchange for your work.

Can you imagine taking a break from the big cities, waking up in nature, doing tasks that keep you active and productive, resting and continuing to work as a digital nomad, or traveling to more places? It's your time to experience this life. 

And since these volunteers are all the rage, there are dozens of destinations where you can find such volunteer opportunities and keep traveling. 

Take a look at this article from a fellow traveler who will show you 6 organic farm volunteer opportunities to apply for today

Learn how to work on a farm while traveling

Working on a farm and traveling is very simple: there are 5 hours a day that you dedicate to the activities and 2 days off usually (it depends on how you organize with your hosts) if you work as a volunteer through Worldpackers.

When you find the place you are most passionate about visiting, you can start helping on the farm while you explore places on your days off. And why not? Follow your way to other destinations where you can also find a farm that suits you.

Don't worry if you think you don't know anything about farms, generally the hosts always guide you and help you throughout the activities, it's a very nice way to share, learn and live. Some hosts even take you on little trips with them and make you feel part of the family.

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What are the benefits of working on a farm?

Volunteers with kids in a farm in front of a sign that reads "Jungle Village"

When we talk about the benefits of working on a farm I love to point out many things:

First of all, the fact of harvesting what you take care of. It's amazing when you get the fruit of something and you were part of that process. Taking care of animals and plants and receiving some love from them. Helping people with whom you live day by day and you know that this is their main source of subsistence.

And getting a little more selfish, I can list a thousand more beneficial reasons for ourselves to work on farms, among them:

The fact of learning new things that we may have never done and then applying that knowledge in our daily lives.

  • Waking up with nature and sleeping with it.
  • Taking advantage of the fresh fruits or fresh products it gives us.
  • Clearing your mind from the daily routine of city life.
  • Being less in contact with technology.
  • Learn new skills, living and learning from nature, materials, and resources.
  • And above all, helping us to become more environmentally conscious people.

Now, if you are already all about farms, what better idea than putting into practice what you already know or want to learn by volunteering at one?

Check out this article from a fellow traveler about one important benefit that you can get by working on farms: connecting with nature

Where to work on a farm?

Two volunteer girls and a local from Nepal posing for a photo during farm work

For me, the most important thing to choose whether it is a job or volunteering is to first choose the place where I want to live or where I want to visit.

Once I have chosen the place, if there are programs available for what I am looking for, I decide to apply.

There are farms in the United States, where you can take care of animals. Farms in Mexico, where you can plant gardens for self-consumption. In South America, like Colombia, where they focus more on teaching languages and eco programs. In India and Nepal, where farms are more focused on gardening and crop care. In Italy, where they seek to renovate the farms and contribute to eco-restoration programs

There are farms in any country you can imagine. Wherever your budget takes you, you're sure to find something that fits you. 

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See you in the fields! :)

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