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Best travel blogs to find inspiration for your trips

Are you looking for inspiration and advice for your travels? Find out the best travel blogs to get it.



There was a time in which looking for inspiration and advice for travelers was harder. The only possible source was buying travel guides, and they had to spend a lot of money to get them.

Every time they had to plan a trip, they had to buy a guide about the country they were going to visit. But today, thanks to Internet, everything is easier, and of course, even planning a trip.

Today you don’t have to buy a different guide every time you want to travel, you just type on your computer what you are looking for and you get your answers immediately. And this is thanks to travel blogs.

Travel blogs are like traditional travel guides, with some differences. 

The main difference is that they are not written by professional writers but by travelers, just like you, and in this way you can find really useful and easy advice. Everything that you read, has been tested in first person by the person who wrote about it. So, in a sense, it’s like you can “touch” the information you read, and they seem more authentic.

The other difference is that they are easier to access than traditional guides. Just type what you need and you'll find it. And you can be specific about i: if you just care about food, you can find only food information; if you want to know about sightseeing, you'll find it, and so on.

And, best thing, they are free! You access travel blogs and read them for free!

While you don’t spend money to read travel blog, on the contrary travel bloggers can earn money if you read their blogs. And this is good, because in this way everybody is happy. They can earn just as every other writer. 

They do it thanks to affiliate market or some advertisement, so today being a travel blogger can be considered as a real job. A travel job, to be more specific, because they can work while traveling, they just need Internet connection.

This is a huge revolution for travel world. A revolution which is a benefit for everyone, both travelers and writers.

And now, let’s see together the best travel blogs to find inspiration for your next travel.

Best 10 travel blogs in 2022

There is always the right travel blog for you, no matter if you are a solo travel, you are looking for adventure travel, you want to travel and work on the road, or whatever. 

In this list I will include the best travel blogs regarding different categories and way of traveling. 

Best travel blogs for budget travels

1. Tales of Backpacker

If you travel on a budget, the Tales of Backpacker is the blog you have to read. It is written by Claire, an experienced traveler who can help you to travel on a budget but having the time of your life and living amazing experiences. 

She writes a lot of advice and travel ideas on her blog, about different destinations and different travel topics.

She started traveling with a one way ticket to Barcelona, and she has never stopped ever since.

2. A Broken Backpack

As the name can suggest, A Broken Backpack is the perfect travel blog for backpackers who want to travel on a budget.

The writer behind the blog is Melissa, a girl that started her adventures around the world at the age of 25. She lived in many different countries and she is a really experienced traveler.

In her blog you will find a lot of travel tips for different destinations but also practical tips about living abroad and about digital nomad lifestyle. 

Best travel girls blogs

3. Be My Travel Muse

If you are a girl, maybe traveling solo, you could be interested in blogs written by girls just like you, and one of the best is definitely Be My Travel Muse.

This blog is the best source if you want advice about solo female travels. The author is Kristin, a very creative person who couldn't stand a traditional 9 to 5 job and decided to quit and travel the world, write and create.

She wants to inspire you to do the same, making you believe that nothing is impossible.

4. Janelas Abertas

Janelas Abertas is a travel blog owned by Luisa Ferreira, a Brazilian travel girl who also writes articles in English.

You can find a lot of useful travel articles and tips in her blog, especially about her home country, Brazil, but also about other interesting places and topics. And if you also speak Portuguese, you can read even more advice and tips.

She quit a normal life and started to travel full time, so she is an expert. 

Best Travel blogs for adventure travel

5. Monica Roams

Are you a nature lover and looking for adventure travels? Monica Roams is the blog for you!

Monica is a travel girl and a nature lover. In her blog you can find a lot of articles about hiking, nature places, and adventure trips all around the world. The destinations she loves the most are the ones in which you can have adventure experiences and see naturalistic places.

Monica's blog is one of the best ever if you want inspiration for your travels!

Best travel blogs to travel and work abroad

6. Where in the World is Nina

Nina is a travel girl who quit a normal life to travel the world, in 2008, and she never stopped. Furthermore, she started working in the countries she visited and working online.

Today she is a digital nomad and she help other travelers with the same dream to make it come true, with her blog Where in the World is Nina.

If you are looking for information about traveling and working abroad, tips about remote jobs and work visas abroad like working holiday visa, you can't read a better blog.

She tried most of the travel jobs she writes about, and she did a lot of remote jobs before becoming a full time blogger.

7. Find a way abroad

As the name may suggest, Find a way abroad is another travel blog really useful if you want to travel and work abroad, live abroad or be an expat for some time.

There are a lot of articles about living abroad, in different destinations, and articles about different travel jobs and remote jobs you can do to travel longer.

The community behind this blog is a female community, the writers are all travel girls from different countries but all linked with the same passion: traveling and living a life abroad.

It is a very useful blog if you want to start a new life in a new country.

Best travel blogs with guides

8. Travel Lemming

If you just want to read lists about places to see, advice and travel tips in a very quick and easy format, like in the form of a travel guide, you can have a read to Travel Lemming.

In this blog you can find a lot of travel guides written by experts and locals, so they are a hundred per cent authentic and very useful for your trips. There are guides for almost every destination and you can look for the one you need using the search box.

Super easy and practical!

9. Skye Travels

Skye travels is another blog created in the form of a mix of travel guides. The difference is that is not written by different experts but there is just an author, an American guy with a strong passion for travel.

You can find simple travel guides, lots of travel advice, but even reviews and travel stories about different destinations.

10. Worldpackers travel blog: discover the volunteers community

Last but not least, one of the best travel blogs you can read is Worldpackers community travel blog. But let me introduce you Worldpackers first.

It's a platform in which you can find volunteering positions all over the world. You can apply, and in exchange for some hours of work for your host, you get free accommodation and sometimes free board. It is a way of traveling that changed the life of many backpackers, because getting free accommodation they can travel longer.

And not only you get free accommodation, but it is also a way to meet other travelers from all over the world and making new friends, and also a way to help the local communities of the countries you visit.

Of course, on Worldpackers platform, there is the section with all the volunteering opportunities, and there is the section dedicated to the community blog. In this section all the travelers like you share their stories and their tips about different travel topics and different destinations.

You can find all the advice and information you are looking for, regarding every topic, on Worldpackers blog.

I hope this list of the best travel blogs will be useful to you and I hope you will find the insipiration you are looking for.

Don't forget to subscribe to Worldpackers website to start getting used to it, and maybe the next trip you have will be volunteering!

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