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Top 10 travel influencers to get inspired

Influencers play an important role in the travel world nowadays. In this article you will find the top 10 travel influencers in 2022.


travel influencers

Before the Internet and social media revolution, it was not so easy to plan a trip. The only way to be informed about a place was buying a guide or mouth to mouth information.

Travelers had to do a very hard work to discover all the things they wanted to see in a country and it was difficult to find updated information on printed guides.

Today everything is much easier. With Internet, blogs, and especially social media, you can search with a click the place you want to visit and see a lot of pictures, read a lot of tips and learn information in a few minutes.

And you know that behind an amazing picture and a very well written travel blog there are people who are dedicating their life on traveling as a real job to make it easier for you? These people are travel influencers.

Travel influencers changed forever the way of traveling. Thanks to social media, they grow in popularity and they give travelers updated information and tips about the places they visit. 

Every passionate traveler follows at least one travel influencer and follow their tips while traveling. And today there is a travel influencer for almost every theme: traveling as a couple, solo travel, traveling with animals, traveling as a volunteer, responsible travel, and so on.

Depending on what kind of travel you are interested in, you can find the right travel influencer for you, and this is very helpful to plan your trip in the best possible way. So the first important thing that travel influencers do is helping you with their tips.

Girl taking a selfie in natural environment

Sometimes you can also discover places you didn’t even know existed thanks to travel influencers, so they are the perfect source of inspiration for your travels.

And, last but not least, they travel for passion but also for work, so they create an affiliate market with travel companies and services, and they always offer their followers discounts on activities, accomodations and experiences. So this is another good reason to follow them, they help you saving money with their experience and their tips but also with their discount offers.

I will list the best travel influencers in 2022 to follow and get inspired. They are different from one another and they treat different topics, but they’re all very inspiring.

Top 10 travel influencers in 2022 to get inspired

Influencer filming with her phone in Europe

1. Follow Footluce for budget and solo travel

Footluce is the TikTok page of Lucy, a girl solo traveler who creates very interesting and informative videos with lots of tips for solo travelers and also budget travelers.

She travelled in a lot of destinations, but she’s specialized in South East Asia tips.

If you want some travel tips in a funny and quick way, her videos are the best source you can find.

2. Sights of Sara: the inspiration for every female solo traveler

Sara is probably the best source of information and courage for every girl who would like to travel the world by herself but doesn’t know how to start.

She’s a TikTok travel influencer and she creates very useful videos with a lot of tips about traveling, especially for female solo travelers, like her.

Camera filming a travel influencer watching a sunset by the pool

3. Follow Abby Vogel’s tips and travel as a volunteer 

Abby Vogel has been traveling as a volunteer for a long time and she’s the best source for you if you want to travel as a volunteer as well.

She’s on TikTok, and not only her videos are super informative, but you could also find discounts on volunteering platforms like Worldpackers if you follow her and use her affiliate links.

In this way you will save even more money than you could ever expected. 

4. LizlivingBlue: the importance of eco travel

Eco travel is important, especially in this tough period for our planet. Liz is the best travel influencer if you care about this way of traveling.

Her TikTok page is all about responsible and eco travels. She’s an ocean activist and a science expert.

Her videos can show you a lot of tips about eco travel and how to travel with a low impact on our planet

Girl in Caribbean island holding hand of a guy in the typical "follow me to..." pose

5. Kail of the wild: sustainable travel tips

If you prefer Instagram rather than TikTok and want to learn mor about sustainable travel world, Kail is the girl for you.

Follow her Instagram profile and discover more about sustainable travel through her amazing pictures and reels, full of important tips.

And she’s even a solo traveler!

6. Blondie roams free: the best for authentic travel inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for authentic travels, follow Joanna, an Instagram travel influencer who will show you a lot of places off the beaten path.

She takes amazing pictures and she also volunteers in the places she visits, through Worldpackers. You will get a discount if you subscribe to the platform using her affiliate link and code.

7. Watch Girl vs Globe’s videos for slow travel inspiration

Slow travel is the best way to enjoy a place and discover it as a local. Sabina, a Youtuber travel influencer, tells everything about this travel lifestyle in her Youtube channel Girl vs Globe.

Subscribe to her channel and watch her videos to get a lot of useful travel tips.

Travel influencer working with his phone and laptop in front of a window with city view

8. She travelled the world: an expert female solo traveler

Courtney is a tiktoker solo traveler and she’s one of the best travel influencers on TikTok regarding this travel lifestyle.

She travels by herself and share a lot of funny videos full of tips for passionate travelers.

Follow her and you will start feeling like traveling immediately.

9. Monica roams: the best blog for adventure travel tips

What if you love reading? Don’t worry, there is the perfect travel blog for you, especially if you love adventure travels.

Monica roams started her blog for all the adventure travelers out there. She writes about all the best experiences you can do all over the world.

She’s a big source of inspiration for every traveler and a very good writer.

Have a read and subscribe to her newsletter not to miss any new article. 

Travel influencer filming herself in Europe

Are you ready to follow the path of travel influencers and discover the world?

As you can see, there is a travel influencer for almost every travel lifestyle. Hope this list will be useful to you.

Most of the travel influencer on this list offer discounts to subscribe to Worldpackers platform, so don’t wait another minute! Join Worldpackers community and start traveling saving a lot of money.

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