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Start your nomadic life volunteering worldwide

Get experience, save money and expand your digital skill base by volunteering abroad. Build your digital portfolio in content writing, social media, photography, videography, marketing and programming by working with hostels, NGOs, ecovillages and thousands of other Worldpackers hosts.

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Tips and inspiration from other digital nomads

How to be a digital nomad

Find out how to take the step from traveling for pleasure to becoming a professional digital nomad.

Digital nomad jobs

Learn about the top jobs available for digital nomads and the best ways to make money while traveling the world.

Top destinations for digital nomads

Discover the best places to work and live as a digital nomad including cost of living, WiFi availability, crime rates, and how difficult it is to secure a visa.

Get inspired

Read amazing stories from nomads around the world and get inspired to create the lifestyle you want for yourself.

Want to travel the world with Worldpackers?

Volunteer abroad and immerse yourself in new cultures while getting free stays with hostels, NGOs, farms, ecovillages, and tons of other incredible work exchange opportunities in 100+ countries!