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Digital nomad visa: all you need to know about it and the countries that offer it

Discover all the information you need to know about the digital nomad visa and all the countries in the world that offer it



The world has changed a lot in the last years, thanks to technology and innovation. More and more people are starting to work remotely if their job allows it, because they noticed that this way of working increase the quality of life and freedom.

Working remotely is something very common among travelers, because in this way they can just keep traveling and work during their trips without having to wait for vacations and they can basically live traveling without having problems to afford it.

This way of living and working is called digital nomadism. They are called digital nomads because they are nomads, they travel in different countries and don’t have a real fixed home, they keep traveling and changing their base as much as they want to. They are digital because they work remotely and they just need a computer and a good Internet connection.

Digital nomads are big travelers and are growing a lot in these years. A very big community is starting to set up and countries are getting used to them. That’s why some countries in the world started to offer a digital nomad visa. For those countries it has become convenient to embrace them and attract them to come.

In this article we will talk about the digital nomad visa, what it is, how to get it, and all the countries that offer it. 

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What is a digital nomad visa? How to get it and which countries offer it

A digital nomad visa, as the name may suggest, is a special visa which can be asked by digital nomads, that is people who generally work remotely and online. Not all the countries in the world allow digital nomads to get this special visa. 

Usually if they grant this kind of visa, it’s because they know they can offer a good Internet connection and good infrastructures for digital nomads so that they can work without any issue. 

This type of visa allows digital nomads to live and work in a country for a period of time, legally. It is not always easy for digital nomads to keep updated about the rules of the countries they visit, in terms of work permits. This visa really helps them because they know they are working and being completely legal during their stay, without worrying about anything.

Keep reading to find out all the information about this visa and the countries where you can get it at the moment.

How to get a digital nomad visa

To get a digital nomad visa you have to fill an online form, and it’s very similar to the process you follow when you want to get a tourist visa. The only difference is that you need to prove your remote job, so you need more documentation. 

You can be a remote worker for a company, and in this case you have to show the proof of your remote contract, or you can be an independent freelancer, and in this case you have to show proof of your earnings so that it’s clear that you can look after yourself in the country when you are going.

Sometimes it could take a while to get a digital nomad visa, up to 90 days. Moreover, you need to pay a tax and sometimes it is very expensive. It all depends on the country when you want to go.

Countries that offer a digital nomad visa

Most of the countries that offer a digital nomad visa are in Europe and America. Keep reading to find out the list of countries and the requirements they have.

1. Estonia

Estonia has been one of the first countries to provide digital nomad visa. You are allowed to stay from 90 days to 12 months and the requirements are to prove that you work remotely and you earn at least 3545 dollars per month

You also need a medical insurance and to pay a tax between 80 and 100 euros. You usually get your visa in 30 days if you have all the required features.

2. Cyprus

You can get a digital nomad visa for Cyprus and stay a whole year in the country. You have to prove your online job and to earn at least 3500 euros per month

You also need to have medical insurance and a rent contract in a valid address in Cyprus. The cost of the visa is only 70 euros and it should be granted in 2 months.

3. Croatia

Croatia is another country where you can get a digital nomad visa. You need to earn at least 2400 euros per month, have a rent contract in a Croatian address, medical insurance, and pay a tax of 61 euros for the visa. 

You can stay a whole year in Croatia with this visa.

5. Greece

Do you want to spend some time working with paradise beach views but in a cheap country? 

Greece is the place for you. Digital nomad visa here is a bit pricy, 225 euros, and you need to prove your digital nomad job and to earn at least 3500 euros per month, plus a local rent contract. 

You are allowed to stay for one year.

6. Germany

Germany has a very high quality of life, and if you are a digital nomad you can try to live there for one year thanks to the digital nomad visa. 

You need to pay 160 euros and prove your online job, plus medical insurance and resume. You usually get your visa in 4 months.

7. Portugal

Portugal is one of the most famous countries to provide digital nomad visa. 

It is a bit pricey, it’s 400 euros, but you can stay in the country  for two years and you just need to prove to earn 9600 euros per year

You also need a bank account in a Portuguese bank, medical insurance, and a local rent contract.

8. Iceland

Even a remote country like Iceland has started to offer digital nomad visa. 

You can stay up to 6 months if you don’t come from Schengen area, and 3 months if you are from Schengen countries. You need to pay 87 euros and earn at least 7700 dollars per month. You also need medical insurance. 

Iceland is not a cheap country, that’s why you need more money. 

9. Mauritius

If you want to work in paradise and enjoy warm weather and beautiful beaches for a while, you should opt for digital nomad visa in Mauritius.

You can stay in the island up to 12 months and the visa is free! And you just need to prove you earn 1500 dollars per month thanks to a remote job. It’s quite easy, isn’t it?

10. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is another paradise in Africa that offers digital nomad visa. 

You just need to pay 54 euros and prove you earn an average of 1540 dollars per month thanks to a remote job. You also need medical insurance and a local rent contract. It’s very quick to get the visa, it should be ready in around 15 days.

11. Dubai

Dubai is an expensive city, so you can imagine it wouldn’t be easy to get a digital nomad visa here. But still, you can. 

You need to pay 611 dollars and prove to earn 5000 dollars per month. You also need to prove that you have been working remotely for at least 3 years. You can stay in Dubai for one year with this visa.

12. Georgia

Georgia offers a digital nomad visa for free and you can stay 6 months in the country. 

You need to prove you earn at least 2000 dollars per month thanks to your remote job, and medical insurance. You get your visa in only 2 weeks. It could be the good excuse to visit Georgia!

13. Brazil

Brazil is a huge country, and the best way to explore it all is to live there for a while, why not do it as a digital nomad? 

Brazil is relatively new in offering digital nomad visa. Cost is still not clear, but you can stay for 12 months. You need to earn at least 1500 dollars per month and have a bank deposit of 18.000 dollars. You also need medical insurance and covid-19 vaccination.

14. Bahamas

The Bahamas Islands offer digital nomad visa but it’s very expensive. If you want to live in paradise, you have to pay for it. 

It costs 1000 dollars and you get it in 5 days. You need to prove you work remotely and you can look after yourself during your stay. You can stay one year in the country.

15. Aruba

If you still want to live in the Caribbean but you can’t afford Bahamas digital nomad, you can try with Aruba. This visa is free and you can stay up to 3 months. You need to have a return ticket, proof of remote job, and a local rent contract. Ready for paradise?

16. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very friendly country for digital nomads and offer digital nomad visa. It costs 190 dollars and you can stay 2 years in the country. You need to earn 3000 dollars per month and have medical insurance.

There are some countries that are starting to think about digital nomad visa and would like to offer them soon, like Indonesia (limited to Bali only), Mexico and Italy

There are other countries that provide some special work permits for remote workers but not properly a visa.

Tips to travel as a digital nomad

Would you like to travel as a digital nomad? In this historical period is not that hard. You just need to find something you are very good at doing and it has to be something that you can do with a computer and an Internet connection. 

You can teach a language online or be a translator if you speak some languages. You can be a copywriter or a travel writer if you are good at writing. You can be a designer or a virtual assistant. There are plenty of jobs that can be done online and remotely nowadays.

If you just want to start traveling on a budget and find your own path but don’t know how to start, the best way is volunteering abroad. Lots of people started volunteering during their travels and this allowed them to travel for a longer period of time without running out of money. 

And becoming long term travelers leaded them to become digital nomads in the end, because they realized they didn’t want to stop traveling anymore and they found a way to keep doing it. 

While you volunteer abroad you get free accommodation in exchange for some hours of work per day. You also meet a lot of travelers like you, and lots of them are long term travelers and digital nomads. They can help you to find gigs and build your own career as a digital nomad. 

Meeting people that have done it and are doing it is often the key. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at Worldpackers platform, the best platform to volunteer abroad. You can look for volunteering positions all around the world and apply to the ones you like, with no limits.

Maybe this article has been very useful to you because you are already a digital nomad and you were looking for information about countries where you can go and work. Or maybe it just inspired you to quit your 9 to 5 traditional job to start a new remote career and travel the world.

If you still have some fears and doubts about what to do and how to earn while traveling, but you just want to travel in a different and cheaper way, subscribe to one of Worldpackers plans and start volunteering around the world. I am sure you won’t regret it.

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