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Top 25 best places for a solo trip around the world

Read this article to find out the 25 best destinations for a solo trip, both in the USA and around the world. You'll probably add a lot of places to your bucket list!



Traveling alone is exhilarating and empowering. Whether you are solo backpacking around the world, doing work exchanges in a few countries, or just taking a weekend trip away from your hometown, solo travel is incredible. 

Nothing pushes you out of your comfort zone quite like solo travel! You can learn so much about yourself and others when you explore the world by yourself.

So if you’re ready to travel alone, you may be wondering: “what are the best places for a solo trip?” This article will explore some of the best solo travel destinations.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences about where they like to travel. Maybe you want to venture to big cities and meet lots of people in a hostel. Or maybe you want to travel to remote destinations and get to know locals in a small village.

Only you can decide what type of solo trip you want. But this list is designed to inform and inspire you about some of the best solo travel destinations around the world!

How to make friends traveling alone

The fear of not making any friends often discourages people from traveling alone, but it is actually super easy to make friends abroad! Just to boost your confidence, we’ll provide some advice for meeting people on the road.

The funny thing about solo travel is that you often aren’t alone! If you put yourself in situations where you can easily meet people, you will probably make so many new friends that you won’t have to travel alone at all.

Traveling alone takes away the safety net of your friends and family that you already know. That vulnerability actually forces you to branch out and introduce yourself to new people. This may sound scary or intimidating, but you may find lots of other solo travelers who are feeling the same way you are.

Traveling alone may give you friends that you keep for life!

The best way to make friends while traveling alone is by doing a work exchange. You can live with locals and work in exchange for accommodation. Not only does this save you a lot of money, it also allows you to meet people!

Work exchanges can help you make friends with the locals and with the other volunteers. If you’re volunteering in a social environment, such as a hostel, an eco-project, an NGO, or a big farm, you can meet lots of other travelers. Even just volunteering in a local home will help you bond with the locals and become part of the family.

If you don’t have the time to do a work exchange, a great way to meet people while traveling alone is just by staying in a hostel. Hostels are very social, and they often have common rooms where travelers all mingle and hang out.

You can also book group tours while traveling. Hopefully, there will be some other cool travelers on your tour and you can make friends that way!

We will divide this article in two parts: the first one will discuss destinations in the USA while the second one will be about destinations around the world. When possible, we’ll list some Worldpackers work exchanges in case you want a more immersive cultural experience while you travel alone!

10 best places for a solo trip in the USA

Let's dive into the best solo travel destinations in the USA.

1. Tampa, FL

Tampa is a sunny city in western Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. There are so many things to do here for solo travelers, especially if you love being outside in the warm Florida weather.

Paddleboard down the Hillsborough River, bike down Bayshore Boulevard, stroll along the Riverwalk, or visit the white sands of Clearwater Beach. There are also some awesome museums and galleries for those who want to experience the culture and art.

2. Seattle, WA

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a thriving city that is full of young professionals. It is a great place for solo travelers because it is very safe and well-developed. The city is known for its incredible cafe scene and music scene. Visit cafes, see live music, stroll through the markets, or even take a day trip out into the surrounding forests and mountains.

After you visit Seattle, you could do a work exchange on Anderson Island, a small island just 1.5 hours away from the city. Help out on a small farm and get to know the locals!

3. Boston, MA

The capital city of Massachusetts is known for being quite expensive, but it’s still a great place for a solo trip. 

Boston Logan International Airport services lots of flights worldwide, so it should be easy to find a cheap flight to Boston. They have an excellent public transport system as well, so you can get around easily as a solo traveler. 

History lovers will have a blast walking along the Freedom Trail or visiting one of the many historic landmarks in the city. Lounge in the Boston Commons, grab some food at Fanueil Hall, or see a Boston sports game!

4. Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is another one of the best places to travel alone. The tropical island of Maui is full of such dramatic scenery, exotic flora and fauna, and picturesque beaches that it’s hard to believe it is part of the USA! 

Go surfing, visit national parks, watch the sunrise on the beach, eat tropical fruits, and just soak in the serenity of Hawaii.

There are a few amazing work exchanges in Maui that are perfect for solo travelers who want a cool experience out in nature. You can work on a honeybee ecotourism operation or volunteer in a local guesthouse.

5. Asheville, NC

Nature lovers will have the time of their lives in Asheville, North Carolina

Surrounded by the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, you can go hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and more. Asheville is also a very lively and artistic city that is full of attractions for solo travelers.

Go see some live Bluegrass music or visit the historic Biltmore Estate. Go brewery hopping, as Asheville has more breweries per capita than any other city in the USA! Or explore downtown, visit a winery, or shop at the River Arts District.

6. San Diego, CA

One of the most visited cities in the USA is San Diego. This sunny, southern California city has so many fun attractions. As a solo traveler, there is so much to do here. Swim, surf, or walk along the many sandy beaches. Go hiking and kayaking, or hit up the numerous neighborhoods and browse the many places to eat, drink, and shop.

San Diego has some awesome work exchanges available. You can teach yoga at a local retreat or volunteer as a muralist and painter at a hostel by the beach.

7. Sedona, AZ

Sedona, Arizona is a charming desert town that is surrounded by dramatic rock formations, canyons, and forests. For solo travelers looking to explore the unique landscapes of America’s Southwest, Sedona is a great place to visit.

Aside from hiking, camping, and exploring the nearby highlights like the Grand Canyon or Red Rock State Park, Sedona itself is a lovely town. It is a safe and walkable town that has a thriving art community.

8. New Orleans, LA

Another one of the best solo trips in the US is New Orleans. Full of enticing jazz music, street art, historic buildings, and flavorful Creole cuisine, New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures. This gem of the US South is most famous for its annual Mardi Gras festival, though there is plenty to see and do outside the festival.

New Orleans, and particularly the French Quarter, is a great destination for solo travelers in the US. Head to the famous Bourbon Street to eat, drink, see live music, and party amongst other travelers! 

Also, check out some social Worldpackers work exchanges in New Orleans if you want to work in exchange for accommodation during your visit. 

9. Nashville, TN

The capital city of Tennessee, Nashville is a super fun and exciting place for solo travelers to visit. Downtown Nashville is very safe, and there are lots of fun things to do. Visit an art museum, have a picnic in Centennial Park, or hit up the honky tonk bars of downtown.

Music lovers will have an epic time in Nashville as there are numerous music venues and museums to check out. Be sure to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, Music Row, the Grand Ole Opry House, and the Bluebird Cafe.

10. Denver, CO

Another one of the best places for a solo trip in the USA is Denver. Many young people from all over the USA migrate to Denver for its vibrant community and spectacular natural beauty. Eat, drink, enjoy the nightlife, visit the museums, and spend some time hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

After you enjoy a solo trip to Denver, consider a remote and peaceful work exchange in Chaffee County. It’s 3 hours from Denver, and you can have a rewarding homestay experience. Or you can volunteer on a horse farm near Boulder, CO, which is 30 minutes away from Denver.

15 best solo travel destinations around the world

Now that you know the best places for a solo trip in the USA, let’s discuss the entire world! There are so many incredible travel destinations on every continent, and you could have an amazing experience everywhere. Where you end up traveling will depend on where you are from, how far you want to go, and what type of trip you are looking for.

But here are some of the most popular solo travel destinations from around the world!

1. Sydney, Australia

The capital city of New South Wales in Australia is a fun place to travel alone. If you love the beach, Sydney is the city for you! Aside from the famous attractions in Sydney Harbor like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney is lined with breathtaking beaches.

Fun activities for solo travelers include the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, kayaking in Manly Beach, or taking a day trip out to the Blue Mountains. Sydney is very safe, and the local Australians prioritize easy, stress-free living outside in the fresh air.

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is definitely one of the best solo travel destinations in the world. This charming city in northern Thailand is surrounded by lush jungles, and the city center is packed with glittering Buddhist temples, bustling street markets, and interesting shops. There is a huge backpacker community here as well, so you are bound to meet people if you’re traveling alone.

Volunteer at an eco-lodge near Chiang Mai and help with handy work, artwork, construction, gardening, cleaning, and more. You’ll make some amazing local friends and have a real, authentic Thai experience.

3. London, UK

One of the world’s most famous and cosmopolitan cities is London. The capital city of the United Kingdom is an excellent place for a solo trip. It is so easy to get around, as London has a sophisticated public transport system. There are also maps all over the city to help you find your way.

London has something to offer every type of traveler. There are museums, historic landmarks, art galleries, music venues, theatres, food markets, rooftop bars, classic pubs, and so many more things to do. There are lots of fun backpacker hostels and university bars where you can meet other travelers and young people.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is an awesome city to visit for solo travelers. It’s a relatively small city, so it could even be considered one of the best places for a solo weekend trip in Europe. The capital city of Hungary is affordable and full of history and culture.

Spend some time soaking in the local Hungarian bathhouses, eating local food at the Central Market, and marveling at all the history and architecture on display in the city. You can easily explore the city on food, and there are lots of awesome backpacker hostels if you want to make some friends.

5. Hanoi, Vietnam

One of the best places for a solo trip in Asia is Vietnam. This incredibly diverse country has so much culture, history, art, and natural beauty to offer travelers. 

Hanoi is one of the largest cities in Vietnam. It is super cheap to visit, and it’s a great gateway for going on treks, visiting local villages, and venturing out to attractions like Ha Long Bay.

A super rewarding work exchange experience to have in Hanoi is volunteering as an English teacher. There are 6 different volunteer opportunities in Hanoi where you can teach the local children and have a chance to give back to the community. 

6. Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful country for a solo trip. It is affordable and well-developed, and the people are so nice. Ecuador also uses the US dollar as its currency, so if you’re coming from the USA you don’t even need to exchange currency!

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. Surrounded by the peaks of the Andes Mountains, Quito offers travelers the opportunity to experience Latin American culture and explore nature. 

You can spend hours wandering through the Centro Historico and shopping at the local markets, or even take day trips outside the city to go hiking in Cotopaxi National Park.

7. Stockholm, Sweden

The capital city of Sweden is another must-see for solo travelers in Europe! Stockholm is a gorgeous city made up of numerous small islands separated by canals. Going on a canal cruise or a walking tour is a great way to see the city. Also, be sure to check out the historic neighborhood of Gamla Stan and explore the Museum of Photographic Arts.

Stockholm is expensive, but it is super safe and the locals are all very welcoming. Most Swedish people speak English, so it is really easy to navigate your way around the city. Stay in a fun backpacker hostel to save money and meet people while visiting Stockholm!

8. Vancouver, Canada

Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the best Canadian cities to visit. Whether you want to hike, bike, shop, eat, drink, sightsee, or just explore somewhere new, Vancouver is safe, charming, and full of fun activities.

Check out the views from the Stanley Park Seawall, explore the boutiques, shops, and cafes of Gastown, Downtown, or Chinatown, or take a day trip out to Granville Island. Or check out the fascinating exhibits at the Vancouver Art Gallery or the Museum of Anthropology.

9. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

This small tourist town on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is an incredible place for a solo trip. Anyone looking to experience the natural beauty and surf culture of Central America will have a blast in Tamarindo! 

There are lots of backpackers here so you are bound to meet other travelers at one of the many hostels, cafes, and nightclubs.

Volunteer at a surf camp in Tamarindo if you want to learn how to surf and live in an eco-friendly environment. This surf camp hosts a large number of volunteers from all over the world, so this is a great way to make friends while traveling alone.

10. Cusco, Peru

Cusco is often referred to as the Gateway to Machu Picchu. This touristy city in southern Peru is where most travelers stay before heading to the famous Wonder of the World. But Cusco itself should be on every solo traveler’s bucket list!

Because Cusco is full of travelers, it has lots of hostels, nightclubs, and tour companies. It is super easy to meet people here, so it’s a great place to go if you’re traveling alone. 

Cusco is very safe as well, and you can explore the city center on foot. There are amazing hikes and day trips near Cusco as well in addition to Machu Picchu, such as Rainbow Mountain and the Sacred Valley.

11. Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital city of Iceland is an incredibly safe place for solo travelers. Iceland is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and high standard of living, so it’s a fantastic place to travel to as well. Reykjavik is kind of expensive, but there are lots of cheap flights to the city on various budget airlines.

Spend your time in Reykjavik eating unique local foods, admiring the architecture and street art, and taking day trips out into nature or to the Blue Lagoon. 

Save money in Reykjavik by volunteering at a local guesthouse

12. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico is another one of the best solo travel destinations. Mexico has a diverse and beautiful landscape, friendly locals, affordable costs, delicious food, fun music, and nightlife, and so much more.

Puerto Vallarta is a coastal town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. For solo travelers who love water sports and nightlife, Puerto Vallarta is a dream. 

If you want to have a social impact on the local community, you can try a work exchange with an NGO in Puerto Vallarta as well. 

13. Barcelona, Spain

The sunny and vibrant city of Barcelona is another one of the best places for a solo weekend trip in Europe. Full of colorful architecture, sandy beaches, interesting museums, and local food markets, Barcelona has something fun for everyone.

A unique way to experience this part of Spain is by volunteering at an animal shelter. If you love animals, this could be a really rewarding way to spend your time in Spain. This animal shelter is located just outside Barcelona, so you could head into the city on your days off.

Keep reading: Exploring Spain Solo: a guide to safe and enjoyable travel

14. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria, which is an underrated European destination. Located in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria has a rich history, hearty local cuisine, and lots of natural beauty. Sofia is an amazing solo travel destination. 

Bulgaria doesn’t see too many tourists, so the locals are incredibly warm and welcoming to foreigners. English is common in the city center, and public transport is safe and easy.

Fun things to do in Sofia for solo travelers include admiring the majestic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, wandering through the many parks and green spaces, shopping in the town center, visiting a relaxing tea house, or going on a free walking tour. Stay in a fun hostel and take part in group tours to meet other travelers during your trip!

15. Kyoto, Japan

Japan is a magical country that combines sleek modernity with ancient history and culture. The public transport is fast and efficient, and the locals are respectful and kind. 

Kyoto was once the capital of Japan, and now it is a charming city that is great for solo travel. The city is peaceful and is packed with temples, shrines, museums, gardens, and lots of cool sights.

Kyoto is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Japan. For a more immersive cultural experience, you can volunteer with a non profit school in Kyoto. Help out at a community nursery and explore the city on your days off.

That concludes our list of the 25 best places for a solo trip! 

This is just a brief overview, as there are obviously so many more solo travel destinations worldwide that are amazing to visit.

Whenever you plan to travel alone, just make sure you do plenty of research before you head overseas! Research visas, languages, currency exchanges, travel insurance, and anything else you may need to know so you can stay safe during your trip.

A Worldpackers work exchange is an excellent way to stay safe while traveling alone. You can get to know the locals and have a greater insight into the local way of life. It’s also a great way to meet people so you have friends to explore with! So next time you want to travel alone, consider one of these destinations and consider a Worldpackers work exchange!

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